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Incense :

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      Item # Description Price Unit
      BAG-1 2x12 Ziplock Bag
    Clear zip lock bags. Pack of 100
    4.85 pack
      BAG-2 4x20 Zip Lock Bags Out of Stock
    Clear zip lock bags. Pack of 100
    10.00 pack
      BAG-3 4x12 NON Zip Bags
    Clear non zip bag. Pack of 100
    9.50 Pack
      BAG-5 3x4 Zip Lock Bags
    Clear zip lock bags. Pack of 100
    2.50 pack
    BULK-1" CONE 1" Cones
    1lb of Bulk 1" cones.
    5.00 pound
    BULK-11" BROWN 11" Brown Incense Sticks
    Approximately 100 sticks per bundle of 11" brown incense sticks
    2.00 each
    BULK-11" COLOR Colored 11" Incense Sticks
    11" Colored Incense Sticks Approximately 100 sticks per bundle
    2.75 each
    BULK-19 BROWN 19" Brown Incense Sticks
    19" Brown Incense Sticks. Approximately 30 sticks per bundle
    4.25 each
    BULK-19 COLOR 19" Colored Incense Sticks
    19" Colored Incense Sticks Approximately 30 sticks per bundle
    5.25 bundle
    BULK-2" CONES 2" Incense Cones
    1lb of 2" cones
    5.00 pound
    BULK-OIL Fragrance Oil
    Comes in 1/2oz 8oz and 16oz bottles with over one hundred different scents to choose from.
    0.95 each
    Display-1 Brown Incense Display
    32 piece display for brown 11" incense sticks
    200.00 each
    Display-2 Color Incense Display
    Display for 11" color stick incense
    225.00 each
    Display-3 Cone Incense Display
    15 scent cone incense display
    120.00 each
    Nag Champa Cones Nag Champa Cones
    Satya Nag Champa cone box with 12 individual boxes
    12.00 box
    Nag Champa Sticks Nag Champa Sticks
    Satya Nag Champa boxed sticks. Comes in a variety of sizes. Price may vary.
    9.75 box
    Super Hit Sticks Super Hit Boxed Sticks
    Super Hit boxed stick Incense. Comes in a variety of sizes.
    11.00 box
    Superhit Cones Superhit Cones
    Superhit Cone box with 12 individual boxes.
    12.00 box
    VAMP 15 Vampire Blood Incense Out of Stock
    Vampire Blood boxed incense. 15 gram box.
    12.00 box