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SoloQi the Next-Gen in wireless charging solutions.
Power Your Lifestyle while on the Go never worrying about battery again.

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0001 SoloQi PRO
Charge on the go. Charge two devices simultaneously both wirelessly and via built-in USB port. Built-in kickstand. Charge vertically or horizontally. Multiple speeds, soft-touch, 7000mAmps only 5.4oz
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0002 SoloQi X Car | Desk Mount
Wireless magnetic charger with 360 ball enables you to adjust your phone to any angle both vertically and horizontally. Built-in vent mount. 10W at 2Amp 4.5 oz device. Requires USB connection.
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0003 SoloQi SLIM
Traveler's lifesaver a True Wireless charger- requires no cables at all can recharge via USB with built-in USB plug. Built-in kickstand. Charge vertically or horizontally 2750mAmp only 3.8oz
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0004 SoloQi 360
Gift bundle comes with 1 SoloQi PRO and 2 SoloQi X Car | Desk mounts. Perfect for family or friend who's on the go. Put an X Mount in your car and one in your office & have a PRO for everywhere else.
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0005 SoloQi MagPads
Customizable magnetic pads that enable the user to maximize the functionality of the SoloQi System. Customize with any logo/image to promote your business, impress your clients, or celebrate an event
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