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pbaloacbd01 Aloe + CBD After Sun Gel Full Spectrum CBD
Thirsty skin look no further, Purblend Apothecary After Sun is flat‐out saucy. This stuff will moisturize and invigorate your fried ass from here to next Sunday.
*25.00 each
pbarti01 Arti-Rub? Arthritis Relief Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
Do you suffer from chronic arthritis pain? PurBlend?s Arti Rub is to the rescue! Our non‐oily based formula goes on smooth as silk without all the essential oil fragrance associated with other rubs. The moment this miracle rub contacts warm skin you will feel the relief.
*30.00 each
pbnt01b Blueberry Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
A daily Full Spectrum oil with the flavor of blueberry.
*40.00 each
pbbb01 Body Balm Live Resin Oil
Our Body Balm melts instantly and warms your body, soothing dry and cracking winter skin. Good for all skins, from babies to hardworking outdoor hands of all kinds. It is amazing on sore tired walked on foot1
*30.00 each
pbdm01 Daily Maintenance Vitamin C Creme Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
PurBlend?s series of facial and body skin treatments introduce Vitamin C Facial Maintenance. A rich, yet easily absorbable facial crème perfect for mature skin delivering high concentrations of valuable vitamin C esters directly to the skin providing support & balance.
*30.00 each
pbdt01 Daytime Tincture Natural Hemp Oil Sativa
The Day Time Tincture allows you to get your body moving in the morning. No sleepless with this product, only wide awake ready for the day.
*40.00 each
pbdmx01 Deep Muscle Extra Strength Body Balm
Deep Muscle Balm was created for those who love our premier Body Balm ? but hang on ? this one is even better! It?s chock‐full of even more amazing essential oils.
*40.00 each
divgin01 Diverge NA Gin
Diverge Gin is a non-alcoholic spirit to give you all the taste of your favorite spirit without the alcohol and hangover.purblend logo from
*20.00 each
divrum01 Diverge NA Rum
Diverge is a non-alcoholic spirit giving you all the taste of rum with no alcohol or hang over in your beverages. Infusing Hemp Live Resin as the replacement for alcohol you get a great feeling with no harmful side effects.
*22.00 each
divteq01 Diverge NA Tequila
Diverge is a non-alcoholic spirit giving you all the taste of tequila with no alcohol or hangover. Infusing Hemp Live Resin as the replacement for alcohol, to create awesome drinks.
*22.00 each
  pbfr01 Foot-Rub? Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Do you suffer from chronic foot pain? PurBlend?s Foot Rubto the rescue! A gentle and soothing organic rub scented with calming Lavender while moisturizing skin of all ages and types.
*24.00 each
pbgc01 Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Gel Caps (30ct)
his product has the potential for reducing inflammation, muscle relief, improved sleep, antioxidant, antibacterial and many powerful homeopathic benefits for many types of ailments.
*40.00 each
pbhfsa01 Hyaluronic Facial Serum
Now you can keep your skin feeling new and refreshing. Hyluronic Facial Serum is made with best ingredients found.
*35.00 each
pbfst01n Natural Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
All natural, no additives, pesticide-free, high-absorption formula, PBX full spectrum CBD resin provides maximum entourage effect from natural hemp derived terpenes.
*40.00 each
  pbnt01f Nightly Treatment Antioxidant Face Creme Full Spectrum CBD Hemp E
PurBlend?s series of facial and body skin treatments introduces the Antioxidant Treatment. Antioxidants are a skin?s best friend, helping to ward off the ravages of time and daily living.
*25.00 each
pbnt01 Nighttime Tincture Natural Hemp Oil Indica
Night-time Tincture is the perfect hemp oil to take right before you want to go to sleep. Helps you stay asleep for the entire night without feeling tired in the morning.
*45.00 each
pbbs01 Omega Full Spectrum CBD Body Serum
Our serum applies light & clean, optimal for massage therapy with potential reduced inflammation and pain relief.
*20.00 each
pbfst02p Peach Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Peach flavor ? earthy sweet tasting ? excellent balance of flavor Powerfull Full Spectrum Resin combination
*40.00 each
pbfst03pe Peppermint Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
1,000mg full spectrum CBD hemp extract Infused with pure botanical natural essence of peppermint
*40.00 each
soulhl01 Soultopia Hibiscus Lemonade
Our certified organic cold water infused hibiscus beverage offers a beautiful magenta hue and sweet floral note which blends perfectly with a slightly tangy and sweet lemonade.
*0.00 each
soulll01 Soultopia Lavender Lemonade
This refreshing lemonade is perfectly blended drink with certified organic cold soaked lavender. Let this calming duo, along with our water soluble live resin, transport your senses to another level of relaxation.
*5.00 each
soulrb01 Soultopia Root Beer
However, this is not your grandfather's root beer a perfect drink. Soultopia takes this well-loved classic beverage and brings it into the present by infusing it with our hemp live resin.
*5.00 each
pbsrx01 Sport Rub Extra Strength Muscle Relief Stick
Is your active lifestyle slowing you down from sore muscle pain? PurBlend Sport Rub Xl is what you been looking for!
*30.00 each
pbsr01 Sport Rub Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Relief Stick
Is your active lifestyle slowing you down from sore muscle pain? PurBlend Sport Rub is what you been looking for! Our shea butter, candelilla formula goes on dry with a tingling cooling sensation melting away your sore muscle pain.
*25.00 each
pbnt01s Strawberry Full Spectrum Tincture
Our full spectrum hemp oil withe the flavor of strawberry.
*40.00 each
pbsb01 Stress Balm Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
Our CBD Infused Stress Balm is an explosion of essential oils, botanicals and pure hemp love. The herbalicious scent relaxes and soothes the senses.
*25.00 each

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