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About Our Company
Driven by a passion for excellence from the start, our American made body adhesive makes our customers? lives easier by helping them keep things in place. Whether for play or for necessity, every bottle of our patent pending roll on, rinse off body adhesive is created with care and affordably priced. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and strive to bring value to our customers and enhance their quality of life. Our staff makes the entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. We are a Veteran Owned company with all of the components of our product Made in the USA

About Our Products
Compression stockings support improved vascular circulation, reducing inflammation and edema, help prevent spider and varicose veins, and can keep your legs from getting tired and achy. While compression socks should be worn tight enough to give proper compression, they should not cause your legs to throb or show red marks from elasticity. This is why most are sized by calf measurements. Hold Up Body Adhesive keeps stockings comfortably in place, alleviating the hassle of continually readjusting sliding or rolling garments throughout the day. Our glue is designed to keep you safe by not letting the stocking roll down and become a tourniquet. Additionally works well for prosthetic socks. Hold Up Body Adhesive holds prosthetic socks in place helping to prevent skin sheer irritation. Original and Premium (sweat-resistant) Hold Up Body Adhesives hold your garments for hours. Plus, our new roll-on applicator design makes application fast and easy. Both Original and Premium Hold Up Body Adhesives rinse off with water. They are hypoallergenic, non-staining, and wash off linen in the normal wash. Designed specifically for flexibility and comfort with no skin irritation.

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