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Stitch Circle LLc
503, Carlisle Dr
Herndon, Virginia 20170 United States
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About Our Company
Stitch Circle LLC is a collaboration of Rachna Art Prints P Ltd and Klinox Marketing, Established in 1979 and 1998 respectively. With collaborated strengths of both the companies ranging from yarns, textile machinery, textile dying and printing process house, fabrics, chemicals, textile garments & business services cater to domestic and international markets. With the production capacity of supporting over 10, 00,000 meters/day generating an annual financial turnover of over USD 31 million. We intend to grow bigger and with our venture into textile apparels. Having the complete knowledge of textiles. We are not far from our goal of becoming one of the leading brands in the fashion industry, may it be Western wear or Indian ethnic. With Stitch Circle we conclude our endeavor from fabrics to fashion with state of the art infrastructure, experience and entrepreneurship with innovations. Journey started way back to early nineties with our foray in yarns ? base core of a fabric which comes into the market to facilitate the fashion or the trend by way of different forms of apparels whether Indian or western. In this long journey we entered the textile processing industry to give the colors and feel to enrich the fabrics for the shape they are made for. With affiliations to weavers and business from yarn to fabric finishing, we started our garmenting ? initially with customized designer apparels. Strength in the versatility and range of fabrics, prints and colors with garmenting helped us to give edge in fashion and styles. We currently put our strength of more than 1000 trained employees working in our textile processing unit and Garmenting units, we are here to make a mark in the world of Fashion.

Minimum Order
For in stock the Minimum quantity is as low as 30 units, for production the Minimum order quantity is 300 units with the fabric selection option.

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