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  Item # Description Price Unit
P101A Banana Leaf Writing Book
Made in Indonesia with all natural materials. Measures approx. 8.5" x 7". Approx. 50 pages.
4.00 each
S052 Horseshoe Puzzle
Puzzles Made at our shop. Packaged with answers. Puzzles measure approx 10" to 14" long. Made with 3/16" cold rolled wire, Zink plated, packaged in red mesh with loop to hang on display. Rotating display available with order of 48 assorted puzzles (approx. $261.00) Call for details.
7.50 each
S018 Shot Cup - Wooden - NO IMPRINT
Just a simple wooden shot cup. NOTE: Liquid left in cup for long period of time may crack the cup. Mostly used for decoration.
18.00 dozen
S001 Toothpick Holder
Wooden Pocket Toothpick Holder
64.80 72