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Grateful Dead and Hippie Specialists
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Grateful Dead, Tapestry and Hippie Specialists
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  Item # Description Price Unit
31000 Grateful Dead Bear Head Window Gels
This is a counter top display containing 2 dozen Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Gel Gems ready to sell. 8 of each 3 color combinations. Colorful, fun and reusable, these gels are a dynamic new way to express yourself and decorate your surroundings.
58.80 2 doz
52300 Grateful Dead Bandannas
100% Cotton Handkerchief style Grateful Dead Bandana.
30.00 dozen
60001 Angel Bear Photo Holder with stash pocket
Angel Bear Photo Holder with stash pocket. Holds photos on front and secret velcro stash pocket.
3.00 ea
72001 Grateful Dead Indian Bear Tapestry Light Blue
Authentic Indian Tapestry, Wall Hanging, Curtain, Bed Spread.
14.50 each
751group 3-D Hippie Tapestries Wall Hanging Tapestry
Three-dimensional technologies, these designs look beautiful to the naked eye and incredible with our 3-D glasses.
  GONESHSTART Gonesh Incense Starter Pack With FREE Display
Get 36 dozen packages of Gonesh brand incense and burners as well as a display to hold it all for the low price of.
439.20 each
sp3803000m Spray Fabric Paint Tie Dye Kit
6 cans of assorted color fabric spray paint for kids party.
13.50 each
Tiedye Tie-Dyed T-shirts and clothing
A wide variety of tie-dye patterns to choose from. Prices vary.
Zippo Zippo Brand Lighters with FREE DISPLAYS
Zippo Lighters with free displays. 50% off retail. Catalog available.

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