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zz95. Independent Retailer
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Mail 608 S. 2nd Street
Marshall, Illinois 62441 United States
Phone: 217-822-6230

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Minimum Order: $100.00

Impulse Check-Out Items :

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    fe.4-42 Mini Christmas Santa Candles
    Mini Christmas Santa Candles. 1.5" H. 36 Santas per display box. As LOW As .17 each.
    *6.88 Per Box
    m0041150 Mini Christmas Stocking **FREE Stockings
    4" Felt Stocking. Assorted colors & patterns.
    5.98 Dz. (3 FREE Stockings w/Dz. Purchase)
    wgneon6 Neon Water Squirter - 6.5"
    Assortment of neon colors. Easy to fill.
    *8.50 Dz.
    ngitdufopa Ninja Glow In The Dark-UFO-Pattern Fidget Spinner Assort. $2.33
    Get a lot of Bang for Your Buck! Now an even LOWER PRICE! Large selection of Fidget Spinners with less investment.
    *2.73 Each (Minimum 72 pieces)
    haspineri Nylon Neon Spiky Baseball Hat *Special $4.75
    Bright neon spikes on the front of a nylon baseball hat (Green, yellow, blue, and pink).
    *6.50 Each
    apprwolri Pillow: Printed Wolf Pillow
    13" Cute Pillow.
    7.25 Each
    plstnd Plate Stand
    Wire Plate Stand. 4.25"H X 3.5" W.
    0.65 Each (Minimum 6 Pieces)
    kc004plu Pooping Pig Key Ring - 2" $1.00
    Very Cute! Just squeeze...Watch the reaction of your guests (brown oozes out of his behind).
    *15.00 Dozen (1 Dz. = Bulk) *(2 Dozen per display box)
    elrailari Railroad Crossing Light $12.50
    9" Sturdy metal electric light flashes green and red lights.
    *15.50 Each
    reblp Rebel Flag License Plates
    12 1/2" x 6 1/4" Metal License Plates. Assorted. HISTORY - NOT HATE.
    *3.50 Each
    mdseasstsample Sample Pack - Merchandise General Assortment
    Merchandise Sample General Merchandise Assortments. Large Selection at a LOW Price!
    55.00 Per Sample Collection
    jasecoir Sequined Coin Purse Key Ring $ 0 .48
    4" X 3" Zippered Coin Purse with key ring is adorned with sequins.
    *7.20 Dz.
    ba321ni Slap Bracelet - 3 D Glitter Animal Assort. *$0.525
    Assorted 3 D animals in glistening rainbow colors on pretty slap bracelets. Special price on 3 D Animal Slap Bracelets $6.30 dozen (.525 each) minimum 4 dozen.
    *7.55 Dozen (Minimum 2 Dozen)
    nv1811p Snorting Squeaking Squeeze Pig
    Squeeze pig to hear him snort. Very cute.
    *1.95 Ea. Min. 3 pieces
      stickers Sticker Assortment
    Assorted stickers (carded with hangable header).
    6.00 Dozen Cards
    rdsuper Super Hero Rubber Duck - 2"
    2? Rubber ducks with assorted super hero garb. Great for bath time fun, party favors, carnival prizes, duck ponds, & more.
    *5.25 Dozen
    13682084f Water Bird Whistles
    Put water into the bird to make a great sounding whistle.
    *1.40 Dozen (Min. 6 dozen)
    18771.j Water Gun - Sharpshooter Assortment Special .75
    7" Water Mist Gun - Poly-bagged in display box. LIMITED TIME SPECIAL ... .75 each, minimum 72 pieces.
    *0.90 Ea. (Min.12 pieces)
    WTP White Decorative Tissue Paper
    20" X 26". 20 Sheets per package. As Low As .03 / sheet.
    *7.85 Dozen packages (.66 / Package)
    freemerchandise z. $19.50 FREE Merchandise
    Limited time - Receive $19.50 FREE Neon Spikey Hats or $18.00 value of Galaxy Pillows with your $200 order of items with the 1st price (Inflates Excluded).
    CALL FREE Mdse. 1st Price $200 Order
    How To Order, Processing, Payment, Shipping, Warehouse Information, and More.
    CALL Per Order
    supplyshortage z. SUPPLY SHORTAGE ISSUES - 2022***
    As you all are aware of the supply shortage issues. It does not appear that it will ease up for quite some time. We expect it to get worse. It doesn't appear that the overseas market is reflecting any good news for the import business.
    CALL Each Item (Especially INFLATES)
    jbzippe.r Zipper Bracelet - 7" * $0.46
    Bright colors. Special price on Zipper Bracelets $6.00 dozen (minimum 2 dozen).
    *7.20 Dozen
    catreq zz. CATALOG REQUEST
    We'll be happy to send you an updated novelty catalog or gift catalog with pictures & prices.
    CALL Ea.
    ordprocess zz. Order Processing
    Orders are processed within 48 business hours. *The time after the order is processed and the time the freight company picks up the order is not included in this 48 hour window.

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    Orders are processed within 48 business hours (Pay Pal orders may require an extra business day).

    *As an added security for your information, we DO NOT ask for the CVV number (last 3 -4 digits on the back of your credit card) online. In order to expedite your order faster, please telephone 217-822-6230 with the required information (9 A.M. - 4 P.M. CST)

    Warehouse Visits: 24 Hour "Advance Order" online or by telephone required (you may add to order upon arrival). Warehouse visits by appointment only.

    We NO longer accept orders by e-mail from unestablished clients.

    TELEPHONE ORDERS: All telephone orders MUST BE backed up by a written order by email. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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