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Mail 608 S. 2nd Street
Marshall, Illinois 62441 United States
Phone: 217-822-6230

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Minimum Order: $100.00

About Our Company MemberWe cater to small businesses, teachers, churches, schools, fundraisers, and flea marketers. We strive to have a large selection @ low prices. THE BARGAIN OUTLET WHOLESALE was established in January 1983. Your business is very important to us. QR Code for JotForm form

About Our Products

Collectables, Gifts (wide variety of figurines), Novelties, Toys (Battery Operated, trucks & cars, noisemakers, balls, small toys, duck pond & grab bag toys, & more), LIGHT - UP & Glow In The Dark items, Jewelry, Jokes, Gag Gifts, Hats, Party Supplies, Party Favors, Balloons & Ribbon, Collectable Dolls, Silk Flowers & Accessories, Sunglasses, Wedding Accessories, Seasonal Gifts & Decorations,Impulse & Flea Market Items, New Years Supplies (large selection of New Years Kits) and Knives.

Our on going goal since 1983 is "LARGE SELECTION AT A LOW PRICES!"

Return Policy

In order for us to maintain Low Prices...We must be notified of all shortages or damaged goods within 7 business days of receipt. In the event of shortages or damaged goods A WAREHOUSE CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED TOWARD YOUR NEXT ORDER. NO RETURNS. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO CASH REFUNDS. ALL SALES FINAL.

Minimum Order

Minimum order is only $100.00.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card, and Pay Pal. Note: We CAN NOT accept any credit card ISSUED OUTSIDE the UNITED STATES (You MUST USE PAY PAL). Sorry, We can not accept C.O.D.s

Internet orders are shipped within 24 - 48 Business Hours upon receipt of order (providing we have been provided the Verification Number {Last 3 Digits on the back of your credit card.}).

For security purposes, the Verification Code is NOT asked for on line. We will telephone you for your V# or you may expedite the order by telephoning 217-826-6230 with your V#.

Items are shipped as packaged, unless otherwise noted. Packaging, item quantity, and color subject to change without notice.

Due to conditions beyond our control, prices subject to change without notice.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL (No refunds or exchanges - No exceptions. Shortages & Damages Must Be Reported within 7 Business Days (In the event of damages or a shortage, a In-House CREDIT will be issued towards your next order).

This is a SECURE web site.

*Please remember that the lower the amount of your order, the higher the freight ratio is. We have NO control over the amount USPS or UPS charges on your freight. We're stuck with the high freight charges too, on incoming freight.

Orders are processed within 24 -48 business hours of receiving your payment.

Orders are shipped by UPS or USPS Ground Service.

*As an added security for your information, we DO NOT ask for the CVV number (last 3 -4 digits on the back of your credit card) online. To expedite your order faster, please telephone 217-822-6230 with the required information (9 A.M. - 4 P.M. CST)

Warehouse Visits: 24 Hour "Advance Order" online or by telephone required (you may add to order upon arrival). Warehouse visits by appointment only. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted.

E-mail orders must be verified by a telephone call.

TELEPHONE ORDERS: All telephone orders MUST BE backed up by a written order by email. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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