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zz95. Independent Retailer
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Mail 608 S. 2nd Street
Marshall, Illinois 62441 United States
Phone: 217-822-6230

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    (*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
    Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

      Item # Description Price Unit
    slb Shoe Lace Barrettes 2 Dozen FREE
    2 Dozen barrettes FREE with 2 dozen purchase...We're giving them away!
    * 5.50 Dozen **2 Dozen FREE with 2 dozen Purchase
    Special Silk Flowers - WAREHOUSE SPECIAL
    Assorted silk flowers. Assorted styles & colors. SAVE 50%! See full description for details.
    * 10.15 Dz ($5.08 Dz. = 48 Dz. ASSORTED STYLES
    ba321ni Slap Bracelet - 3 D Glitter Animal Assortment *2 FREE Bracelets
    Assorted 3 D animals in glistening rainbow colors on pretty slap bracelets. 2 FREE 3 D Animal Slap Bracelets with each dozen 3 D Animal Slap Bracelet purchase (Minimum 2 Dz.)
    * 7.55 Dozen (Minimum 2 Dozen) *2 FREE W/each dozen
    jk-snagu Snap Gum (Human Mouse Trap) $3.60 Dozen
    A snappy surprise for your gum mooching friends. New lower minimum.
    * 4.80 Dozen
    nv1811p Snorting Squeaking Squeeze Pigs * 3 FREE
    Squeaks. Very cute.
    * 2.45 Ea. Min. 3 pieces **3 FREE W/ 12 Pcs.
    Y95027 Snowman Stocking Holder *$4.40
    7.5" High. Snowman Stocking Holders, 2 Assorted. SEE Full Description for SPECIAL PRICING.
    * 5.50 Each (Minimum 2 pieces)
    4211BB / 4367BB Sports Blu Bloc Sunglasses *$2.50
    Sports Style frames with blue bloc lense.
    * 11.89 Dz. (SPECIAL LIMITED to ASSORTED styles
      4211CM Sports Color Mirror *$2.50
    Color mirrored lens with sports style wire frames. **See SPECIAL PRICING.
    * 12.45 Dozen *$5 Dz. Minimum 6 Dz. ASSORTED STYLES
    7345CM Sports Goggles With Color Mirror Lenses *$2.50
    Adult goggle sunglasses with color mirror lenses.
    * 15.70 Dz. ($5 Dozen 6 Dz. ASSORTED Styles)
    6734CM Sports Sunglasses With Lens on Side
    Neon nose piece (assorted colors).
    * 20.00 Dz. *SPECIAL Quantity Prices =ASSORTED STYLES
    7194-7195CM Spring Hinge Goggle Assortment *Special $2.50
    Sports - assorted frames.
    * 20.00 Dz. *QTY Prices LIMITED to ASSORTED Styles
    sunglasspecial Sunglass Assortment Special $2.50
    SAVE BIG TIME! Sunglass Clearance on ASSORTED STYLES. Below cost...
    * 14.00 Per Dozen (Quantity Price = ASSORTED Styles)
    5526CM Sunglasses - Goggle *Special $2.50
    Color Mirror lenses.
    * 18.98 Dz. *QTY Prices LIMITED to ASSORTED Styles
    tcgba Treasure Chest - Grab Bag Assortment *$12.87
    125 Piece TREASURE CHEST - Grab Bag Assortment. Assorted small toys.
    * 16.99 Per Assortment
    UC6038M Unicorn Mirrored Sunglasses *$2.50
    Mirrored Lenses with unicorn in lenses.
    * 13.00 Dz. *Quantity prices = ASSORTED STYLES

    132 items found: <Previous Page> Page [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [ 8 ] [9] <Next Page>

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    Warehouse Visits: 24 Hour "Advance Order" online or by telephone required (you may add to order upon arrival). Warehouse visits by appointment only.

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