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ASMM Automatic Soy Milk making machine
If you like to drink fresh soy milk, this is an ideal machine for you to make soy milk for your self, you do not find it easily in the market . Your cost is $59 /pc , you can buy a couple of them at this wholesale price.
59.00 Each
VHS1 Collector's VHS tapes,free player
We have collected about 800pcs VHS tapes( 15 to 50 years old),they are used but work well.It is a collector's item,if you buy them all,it is $1.80/pc. FREE tape player & rewinder ($600 worth),buy it!
DPPF Dogs play poker Framed Picture
Unique 3-D ( 3 Dimension ) " Dogs play poker " picture in a wooden frame of 18"x13.5"x2.5", very unique, retail is $59 /pc, your price is $19/pc, 3 assorted design. Call (510)701-3348 for photos of designs.
19.00 Each
HMCWF1 Hand-made ceramic water fountains
Hand-made ceramic water fountains (Table top size, about 12" in height) making soothing water sound and also can put flower in there. Wholesale price is $19/pc, retail is $ 59 /pc, minimum order is 12 pcs ( assorted )
19.00 Each
HMCWF2 Handmade ceramic Table top water fountains
We have 300pcs table top size fountains in stock and we want to closeout for $19/pc (7 designs,the above colorful ones is $25/pc). Email us to"" for more photos,great item.
HGMJ Humorous Golfer's metal joke signs
Humorous golfer's jokes silk screened on metal plate ( 10" x 10"), great gift to Golfers. We have about 300pcs (assorted)at closeout price of $2/pc for you. Retail is $10/pc. Great buy for
2.00 Each
MCJCE Jesus Visor (embroidery)
This magic visor have the " Jesus " name embroidered in the front of the visor, people who love or believe in Jesus will like it very much. Wholesale price is $3/pc buy in 100 pcs or (510) 701-3348 for quantity discount.
MCWH Magic Cap with hair attached to the cap
This Magic Cap ( rainbow color) is FUN,the curved hair can be removed from or re-attached to the back of the Cap.We are the only seller of this cap, retail value is $15 to $20/pc. Try it !
MVSWH Magic Visor Silver White Hair Cap
16 different color/ design for new visors , and 17 different color for hair, and the hair is attached to the visor via a simple Velcro system, hence, there are 272 (16 x 17) combinations available for the visor and hair.

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