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Largest Selection of Smoking Accessories With The Best Prices & Quality
$200 Minimum Order

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  Item # Description Price Unit
1846-1 Frosted Double Torch
Frosted Double torch Lighter, Assorted Colors
40.00 Tray of 20
1846-2 Double Torch Lighter
Assorted Clear Transparent Colors
40.00 Tray of 20
1866 Biker Torch Lighter
Various Biker Designs
30.00 Tray of 20
1867 Triple Torch
Transparent Colors
45.00 Tray of 20
1870 Large Metallic Quad Torch
Various Colors
33.00 Tray of 12
1875N Large Neon Torch
Various Neon Colors
30.00 Tray of 15
1876N Neon Torch
Various Neon Colors
27.04 Tray of 16
1877CA Small Torch Lighter
Camouflage Designs, Rubberized
30.00 Tray of 20
1877KC Small Torch Lighter
"Keep Calm & Smoke Weed", Rubberized
30.00 Tray of 20
1877RT Small Torch Lighter
Tree Designs, Rubberized
30.00 Tray of 20
1878C Small Torch Lighter
Clear Tank, Assorted Colors
1.69 pc
1878M Small Torch Lighter
Metallic, Assorted Colors
1.69 pc
1879 Large Rotating Head Torch
Various Clear Transparent Designs
33.75 Tray of 15
3102L20Fun Leather Wrapped Cigarette Case
Fun Summer Designs, Kings
27.00 Tray of 12
3117ZOD Zodiac Design Plastic Cigarette Case
Push-Open, 100s, Assorted Styles
19.08 Tray of 12
3212P-Multi Deluxe Patched Leather Cigarette Case, Multi Color
Lamb Skin, Multi Color, No 2 Cases The Same, Fit up to 120s
* 4.75 each
Ash2E 2-In-1 Plastic Ashtray
Table, Car, Window, Cup Holder Plastic Ashtray w/ Extendable Arm
18.00 box of 12
AshSTire Spin Top Ashtray
Tire Design
* 2.95 each
Candle13.5 Smoker's Candle
13.5 oz Candle, Assorted Scents
47.88 Box of 12
CS-01N Pen Shaped Cigarette Saver Tube
Cigarette Saver Tube, Assorted Colors
42.00 24pc Display

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