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Item # Description

Minimum Order: $200.00

Largest selection of novelty lighters and smoking accessories
$200 minimum order

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
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  Item # Description Price Unit
1126 Fire Extinguisher Torch Lighter
Plastic Fire Extiguisher with cap
26.40 Box of 16
1156 45 Angle Torch Lighter
45 Degree Angle Torch
54.00 Box of 24 pc
1302 Sewing Machine Lighter
Sewing Machine Table Lighter
12.00 6 pcs
1323 Public phone lighter
Public phone lighterregular flame,
24.00 Box of 24
1398-N Flashing pocker chip lighter N
5 stack Pocker chip lighter, regular flame Number Low, 5 different designs
* 31.25 Box of 25
1398-P Flashing Pocker Chip Lighter P
5 stack Pocker chip lighter. flashing lights, regular flame, 5 different designs
37.50 Box of 25
1426 Penis
36.00 Box of 24
1496 Wrench Lighter
Wrench Lighter
45.00 Box of 36
1515 Pool Ball Lighter
Pool Ball Lighter
26.25 Box of 15
3101L20C Camo Cig Case
Camo Leather Wrap Cigarette case King size
33.00 Box og 12
3114C Camo Flip open King Case
Camouflage Flip open King size Case
16.20 12pcs
BT1 18 CC Butane Refill
18CC Butane Refill for butane lighters
10.00 Box of 25
CLight Disposable clear lighter
Disposable clear lighter, 5 different colors.
* 6.00 Box of 50