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NO JUNK is our philosophy. It is our history. It is the concept that inspired all of the NATURULZ products since day one. We keep our products Simple, Clean and Pure. No excuses. No compromises. Our products are made with love and compassion, Doing What Is Most Right!

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Ugli Butter Day (CBD)
Ugli Butter Day (CBD)

UGLI Butter day addresses body stress, anxiety and fatigue. It helps take the edge off daytime issues that are a result of recurring body stiffness, soreness, and chronic body issues.

Ugli Butter Night (CBD)
Ugli Butter Night (CBD)

UGLI Butter night is a nighttime product that is designed to help you unwind from your day by reducing anxiety, tension, fatigue and stress, both physical and mental, so you can relax, and rest easy.

Ugli Butter pulse (CBG)
Ugli Butter pulse (CBG)

UGLI Butter pulse is the first topical of its kind. This cream is infused with (CBG) along with hand selected ingredients designed to reduce fatigue and speed recovery day in and out.

Ultimate Healing Cream
Ultimate Healing Cream

Ultimate Healing Cream addresses pain as a simple, clean NO JUNK nutritional remedy, and can be used for a seemingly infinite number of health, and work related pain issues.

Total Foot Repair
Total Foot Repair

Total Foot Repair helps with sore, fatigued feet, poor circulation, and deeply cracked skin while being safe for diabetic issues. Total Foot Repair is carried in coconut oil and raw whole-food based

Total Body Wellness
Total Body Wellness

Total Body Wellness is a simple, clean NO JUNK nutritional remedy for most skin issues and is safe for all ages. Total Body Wellness is a lifestyle product to maintain healthy skin.


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 We have been working with Tropiceel Products since 2014 and not only do they make great products but they stand behind everything they do with a full guarantee on sale. Their customer service is one of the best we have ever worked with and shipping is always fast and free! Highly recommend! Terry-Sherms supermarket Medford, Oregon