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* Smoking Items (18+ only) * : Hookah :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
HK-30020 11" Glass Hookah(50% DISCOUNT)
11" Glass Hookah with assorted colors, double hose.
3.75 EA
HK-LIZARD Figurine Hookah(50% DISCOUNT)
Figurine Hookah, RANDOM design. Approx 14" high, single hose,bowl included.
7.75 EA
HK-Shiny 10" Shiny Bottle Hookah - Single Hose(50% DISCOUNT)
10" Shiny Bottle Hookah - Single Hose, nice finishing glass bottle, new sleek desin. Assorted colors.
3.75 EA
HK-SKULL-2 5" Glass Hookah Water Pipe(on sale)
5" Glass Hookah Water Pipe
4.95 EA
HK-Skullhead Skull Head hookah(50% DISCOUNT)
Skull Head hookah Single hose, about 12" tall, very high quality,come with all accessories,assorted color,
11.50 ea
HK107 WUSA Double Hose Hookah
Wusa double hose hookah, 18" tall. Multiple colors available. Unit price 18.95/ea.
18.95 ea
HK112 11" Single Hose Hookah Pipe
11" Single Hose Hookah Pipe
8.00 EA
HK114 7.5" Dice Single Hose Hookah
7.5" Dice Single Hose Hookah
4.50 EA
HK122 11" Double Hose Glass Hookah (Pumpkin)
11" Glass Base Pumpkin Hookah. Nice New Style. Double Hoses. Clip And Bowl Included. In Assorted Colors.
8.50 Each
HK129 7" Mini Single Hose Hookah Pipe
7" Mini Single Hose Hookah Pipe
4.50 EA
HK132 21" Double Hose Hookah
Unit Price: $24.50/Each.
24.50 Each
HK250 10" Ceramic Figurine Hookah Pipe
About 10 inch high, mix shape and color.
9.00 EA
HKhose Seecool Freezable Hookah Hose(50% DISCOUNT)
The Sheecool Freezable Hookah Hose with activated carbon filter. A great hose that fits to all hookahs. 6 colors available. Unit price $19.00/ea.
9.50 ea
Hookah Mouth Tips Disposable Hookah Mouth Tips
disposable Hookah Mouth Tips, 100pc/bag, unit price $3.50/bag
3.50 bag
Hookah-1101 Figurine Hookah(50% DISCOUNT)
Figurine Hookah, Bear N Dragon Base design. Approx 11" Glass Figurine Hookah, single hose,bowl included.
5.00 each
S038 Mini Figurine Hookah(50% DISCOUNT)
About 7.5 inch high, mix figure /color and shape. Unit Price: $6.00/Each.
3.00 ea
Skull/Case 23 "Skull Hookah with carry case
Skull Hookah with carry case,about 23" high,single hose, mixed color,very good quality.unit price $59.95/ea
59.95 ea

17 items found: Page [ 1 ]