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  Item # Description Price Unit
PA83AM Authentic Atmos AtmosRx Dry Herb Heating Chamber
The AtmosRx Dry Herb Heating Chamber is a true ceramic chamber, providing better absorption than imitation mixed-ceramic chambers. And it has an impressive capacity for dry herbs and waxy essences. Unit Price: $9.50/Each.
9.50 Each
PA84AM Authentic Atmos AtmosRx Dry Herb Mesh Filter (3 Pack)
The Mesh Filter is located in the Chamber Connector and acts as the first line of protection from any particles before reaching the Ceramic Filter. Unit Price: $2.50/3pcs.
2.50 Set of 3
PA85AM Authentic Atmos Boss Heating Chamber
Designed by Atmos, the Boss Heating Chamber utilizes a durable stainless steel heating chamber to evenly vaporize your dry herbs. Its silicon mouthpiece, high quality ceramic filter, and easy airflow system provide full rich flavor and smooth draws during use. Unit Price: $18.50/Each.
18.50 Each
PA86AM Authentic Atmos Junior Heating Chamber
Unit Price: $8.50/Each.
8.50 Each
PA87AM Authentic Atmos Orbit Mouthpiece and Chamber Connector
The Orbit Mouthpiece is slim in size and made of silicone rubber for a comfortable feel. And the Chamber Connector joins the rubber Mouthpiece and Orbit Heating Chamber together. Unit Price: $6.00/Each.
6.00 Each
PA88AM Authentic Atmos R2 Advanced Heating Chamber
The Atmos R2 Cartridge is used to heat dry herbs & vape waxy oils. It's made with anodized chamber and advanced ceramic heating disc technology providing smooth draw and clean taste. It's durable and built to last! Unit Price: $11.00/Each.
11.00 Each
PA89AM Authentic Atmos Vape Lighter (on sale)
The NEW innovative Atmos Vape Lighter, a lighter and vaporizer merged into one! With USB charge capability, this device is sleek, comfortable, stylish and windproof. Each display set includes: 12*Lighters (In Assorted Colors) + 1* Display. Unit Price: $5.95/each. Original price was $8.00/Each
5.95 Each
PA96AM Authentic Atmos Thermo DW Atomizer / Cartridge
The Thermo DW cartridge has a special ceramic cartridge that heats up dry herbs and vapes waxy oils! Its new 510 housing is exclusively designed to fit slim 510 cartridges as well. This stylish device is made lightweight and pocket-sized. Unit Price: $4.50/Each.
4.50 Each

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