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  Item # Description Price Unit
0054 (0) Light Bulbs by Fusion. Different styles and socket sizes.
Mixed light bulbs. Fusion brand. various quantities and socket sizes. UPCs: 02467776, 02627779, 02467809, 02695173
0.85 Each
0039 (0) Wall Tiles Liquidation
Wall tiles liquidation. 5 styles are available: Style A: 252 cases, 24 square feet per case, 7 pallets Style B: 180 cases, 30 sqf per case, 5 pallets Style C: 71 cases, 33.9 sf per case, 2 pallets Style D: 68 cases, 33.6 sf per case, 2 pallets Style E: 64 cases, 30 sqf per case, 2 pallets
0.75 Square Foot
0044 (A) Disney Bags Closeout
Clear resealable Disney bags gift bags and 10-pack lunch bags.
0.18 Each
0027 (A) Electronics deal mostly Drones Overstock, returns, shelf pull
One truckload 28 pallets , drones are the major , others are assorted electronic as speakers, chargers and more. Average 50 pcs in a pallet.
7,000.00 Truck Load
0030 (B) Classic Card Game STAR TREK Collectible, Retail Package
Star Trek cards game, 66 cases pack 32, UPC 724486554634 Discontinued. Collectible!
1.25 Each
0080 (B) Collectible Classical Batman Toy, New
10x6 inches in size. Retail Packaging. No UPC. Collectible. 60 Pack 24 is available.
1.25 Each
0081 (B) Collectible Mickey Minnie Daisy Duck Toys, New
Trio Dolls in a poly Bag. Call for Quantity.
1.50 Each Trio Pack
0001 (B) Mary Magdalene Woman of Wisdom Doll with Authenticity letter
UPC 891571002032
8.00 Each
0029 (B) Puerto Rico Flag Magnets
6" x 5". Comes in a retail ready poly bag with header and upc code. Six assorted pack 384. Retail $4.99. 224 cases available.
0.25 Each
0078 (B) SEABISCUIT VS WAR ADMIRAL 1932 RACE Souvenir Shake Head
5.5X6.5X5 Inch. Shake Head. 16 case pack 12
3.50 Each
0048 (B) Stealth B2 Bomber Wood Model
New in Box, 15 inch wing span. One Pallet Available
5.00 Each
0011 (C) Cool Comfort Men & Women Shirts, Assorted colors and sizes
Cool Comfort Men and Women Shirts, Assorted colors and sizes
3.50 Each
0053 (C) Cuff Links and Matching Inserts
New, packed in poly bag. Call for quantity
1.25 Each
0052 (C) Men Ties Liquidation
Liquidating men ties, Assorted colors and styles.
1.50 Each
0082 (C) Women Classic Crochet Scarf
55% Cotton, 45% Linen. One Size. 20 Pack 120 is available.
0.75 Each
0020 (C) Woodland camo shirts all same colors Case pack 72
Woodland camo shirts all same colors Case pack 72 All Large sizes (XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL). Box contains on dozen of each size.
2.50 Each
0041 (D) mainSTAYS Glass Decorative Ice Cubes, Retail, 10 Pcs per pack
mainSTAYS Glass Decorative Ice Cubes, 22000 Pieces available, 48 Pack per case
0.45 Each
0005 (D) Repel-It Durable Windshield Treatment Disp. Wipes PROVISION
Repel-It By ProVision Durable Windshield Treatment Disposable Wipe.
0.15 Each
0058 (E) Candles with Stand
Mixed Styles, Priced by the candle count, Several Pallets are available
0.75 Each
0013 (E) Duracell Protective Case. New
Duracell Protective Case For use with iPad, iPad 2, Kindle, Nook, most E-Readers, Netbooks & Tablets.
1.00 Each
0014 (E) Electronic Sudoku Reasoning and Logic Game. New
Electronic Sudoku Reasoning and Logic Game. New
1.50 Each
0089 (E) emjoi Hair Stylist device
4xAA batteries are required. Old design. UPC 791268530023. one Pallet is available.
1.00 Each
0088 (E) Empire Goodbye Lice Kit, Two variety.
Lice Control Kit. UPC 791268500035. Two packaging options are available.
2.50 Each
0051 (E) Hype Cordless Bluetooth Handset Speaker
UPC 822248539032
6.50 Each
0045 (E) Tablet Covers, Retail Package New
1,760 cases of 7" Universal Tablet Case. Fits iPad minis, Kindles and more. Four assorted. Case pack 12. Pre-ticketed $5.00.
0.60 Each
0091 (F) Classic Musical Toy
Classical battery operated musical Toy. Box dimensions are 8"x12"x5.5". UPC 798768826405. One Pallet is available.
4.50 Each
0085 (F) Classic Speech Learning Game
New. One Pallet is available
3.50 Each
0083 (F) Classic Talking Cash Register
Classic Collectible Game. 6.5x4.5 Inches. One Pallet is available.
1.50 Each
0089 (F) Fancy Fur Yarn. Mixed Colors.
One gaylord. Mixed colored. UPC coded.
0.50 Each
0104 (F) Kitchen Angle Magnet Set_Classic Collectible
Message Center/kitchen Angle Magnet Set, UPC 084358023805. Classic. One Pallet is available.
0.75 Each
0004 (G) AXE Anarchy For Men Sample Vials 0.05 fl oz 50 Pcs Box
Item # 84120138 Also Available: MGM FOR HER, MGM FOR HIM, and Mandalay Bay BLUE - All in 0.07 fl oz. Vials, pack 920. Mandalay Bay SIRENA - .07 fl oz. 32,200 units pack 920.
0.10 Each
0056 (G) Dora The Explorer and Square Pant shower products
SpongeBob Shower Product by Nickelodeon in retail packaging. Two Styles: Square Pants, 3 Ounce, UPC 891105000343. Dora The Explorer, 4 Ounce UPC 891105000350. 44 Cases pack 36 of Dora, and 444 cases pack 36 of Square Pants are Available.
0.50 Each
0097 (G) Essie Nail Polish: Assorted Colors
Essie Nail Polish. UPC coded individually. One Pallet is available.
0.65 Each
0027 (G) Hand Gards Latex Free Vinyl reusable gloves, Assorted sizes
HGI Vinyl reusable Gloves, Yellow. 42600 pieces available 100 pieces assorted sizes per case 13 small 35 medium 31 large 21 XL REORDER # 303400603 UPC 10738101006030
0.28 Each
0040 (G) Just Basics Facial Cleanser, 8 Fl Oz bottle
Just Basics "b" facial cleanser. 29316 pieces available, 12 per case.
0.75 Each
0015 (G) Liquid Glass Nail Laminate & Sunscreen by Top Ten Cosmetics
0.5 o.z. Liquid Glass Nail Laminate. A Crystal clear shield fortified with liquid glass, provides maximum protection against breaking, splitting, chipping or peeling.
0.45 Each
0039 (G) Magnetic Nail Polish, Counter Display Set
Magnetic nail polish , 1235 cases(counter display) available Case pack 54. Each piece is UPC coded
0.75 Each
0098 (G) Nail Polish Nichole by O.P.I.
Assorted Colors, UPC coded, pack of 2. one Pallet is available.
1.35 Each
0016 (G) Never Break Nail Laminate by Top Ten Cosmetics. Case of 144
Never Break Nail Laminate is a unique high protein formula, helps prevent dry, brittle nails from splitting and breaking.
0.45 Each
0017 (G) No More Wraps Nail Laminate by Top Ten Cosmetics. Case of 144
Allows nails to grow without further splitting and cracking. Micro fibers adhere polish to nails, preventing peeling and chipping. Ultra Bonder. binds a "harder than steel" protective barrier to nails. Sold in case of 144. By Top Ten Cosmetics LLC, Richard Ravid INC.
0.45 Each
0018 (G) Pantene Classic Care Conditioner
Pantene conditioner 45 cases pack 6
1.25 Each
0028 (G) REMINGTON KING OF SHAVES razor Case pack 360
Each case has 12 trays of 30 razors Bulk. One pallet. Retail $11.99.
0.50 Each
0036 (G) Roller fresh scented
370 cases pack 24. Display packaging. UPC 853376000422, 853376000408, 853376000460
0.25 Each
0107 (G) Vivitone Permanent Cream Color mixing 1 to 2 tubes 90ml Mixed
with A.B.S.P. Complex. One Pallet is available
0.75 Each
0103 (G) Vivitone PRISMA Ammonia Free Cream Color 60ml Tubes
Large Quantity is available
1.00 Each
0021 (G) Yes to carrots nourishing Shampoo. 1.5fl oz bottles
Yes to carrots nourishing Shampoo for normal to dry hair. Paraben-free. 1.5 fl oz (45ml) bottle. Case of 12.
0.18 Each
0046 (H) Doormat Closeout, 100% recycled material, Pre-ticketed $7.99
Different Colors are available Size 22x14 Inches Pre-ticketed $7.99
0.55 Each
0055 (H) Double Switch Plate by Home Design
Double Switch Plate, UPC:078693060502, 54 Case Pack 48
0.40 Each
4?x2? in diameter and depth Great for defogging or cleaning windshields and windows Use wet or dry Made from all natural materials- will not scratch surfaces Stores easily in the glove box or center console Pack of 12 UPC 812751004271
0.50 Each
0002 (H) HICKORY 3.5 X 3.5" Square CORNER DOOR HINGES New 70305-1078
UPC 078555816674 (Lifetime Brass) Model 70305-2127 UPC 078555816681 (Winchester Brass) Model 70305-1078 Made in USA
1.50 Each
0106 (H) Painting Brush Standard
One Pallet is available.
0.20 Each
0050 (H) Sale Signes
Four Different Styles: 'OPEN HOUSE' 19 Case Pack 96 'YARD SALE' 10 Case Pack 96 'GARAGE SALE' 20 Case Pack 96 'FOR RENT' 3 Case Pack 96. UPC CODED.
0.35 Each
0009 (K) Debbie Meyer Cake Cutter Bistro Handle Loaf Style Retail Pack
The Item comes in retail package. Sold by the case. Each case contains 4 boxes of 12. Three Styles are available; Loaf Style, U-Shape & V-Shape.
2.00 Each
0010 (K) Debbie Meyer Cake Cutter Bistro Handle U-Shape Retail Pack
The Item comes in retail package. Sold by the case. Each case contains 4 boxes of 12. Three Styles are available; Loaf Style, U-Shape & V-Shape.
2.00 Each
0012 (K) Debbie Meyer Cake Cutter Bistro Handle, V-Shape, Retail Pack
The Item comes in retail package. Sold by the case. Each case contains 4 boxes of 12. Three Styles are available; Loaf Style, U-Shape & V-Shape.
2.00 Each
0096 (K) Debbie Meyer Cake Cutter Ivory Handle, V-Shape, Retail Pack
Brand New Debbie Meyers Kake-Kut'r. The Item comes in retail package. Case Packed 48. This listing is for the V-Shape cutter. stainless steel blade. UPC 684419009993
2.50 Each
0038 (K) Multi-purpose Opener & Kitchen Tool 8 in 1 By All Open
Three colors are available
1.50 Each
0100 (N) Pen Holder Wood Box Fine Craft
6" Pen Slots, premium surface finish and high hinge quality. new in box
0.65 Each
0094 (N) Self-Filled Pet Beds by United Kingdom of Pets.
30"x26" 100% Polyester pet bed. can be conveniently filled with unwanted Garments. Chew and Abrasion Resistant material. Come prepacked in 10"x12" retail packaging. One Pallet is available. No UPC.
1.25 Each
0105 (P) Disposable Spoon, Straw, and Napkin pouch
Case Packed 1000, 800 cases are available.
0.05 Each
0088 (P) Extreme Party Streamers.
UPC coded. Four variety is available. case pack 144. 114 cases to a total of 16400 Pcs.
0.25 Each
0098 (P) Gift Wrap by Wild Olive
30"x96" paper gift wrap. Two colors. 87 case pack 6 Orange, 125 case pack 6 blue are available.
0.25 Each
0031 (P) Music Color Markers in Retail Package
9 Cases pack 72 are available.
0.35 Each
0101 (P) Silicone Wristbands Many Colors Party Favor Display Package
Multiple Colors are large quantity are available.
0.15 Each
0095 (P)Gag Lotto Tickets, Retail Display package. Printed Price $2.99
Gag Lotto Tickets. 3 in each pack. UPC 794020133757.
0.25 Each
0093 (T) Counting Frame with Clock Teaching Aid
Classical teaching aid. Size 9"x6". new in Box. No UPC. One Pallet is available.
1.50 Each
0035 (T) Jumbo Incense Sticks
12 cases pack 20 bags with 50 incense sticks, assorted.
0.10 Each Stick
0057 (T) Spin the Wheel Roulette Shot Drinking Game Set
Trademark Games Specialty Games The Spins Roulette Drinking Game 80-802D. UPC 844296093137. Mailer Package. 9400 pieces, case packed 8.
1.50 Each
0108 (T) Standard Office Notes Holder
One Pallet is Available.
0.50 Each
0057 (W) Kids Card Games: Two Styles Tony & Bobby Hide and Seek Retail
Tony & Bobby Hide and Seek in Retail Package. UPC 891019000248, and UPC 891019000233. Several Pallets are available. Call for Exact quantities
0.35 Each
0032 (X) Art Crafts Memory Box
Memory Box, 27 cases pack 24. UPC 679077462082
0.50 Each
0064 (X) NBA Activity Book with Tattoos, Pre-ticketed 3.99
207 cases pack 36
0.50 Each
0075 (Y) Children 3D Books
73 cases pack 96
0.35 Each
0078 (Y) Children Assorted Reading Books
42 cases pack 60
0.40 Each
0070 (Y) Children Book, Mr. Smith's Surprising Pet
Mr. Smith's Surprising Pet Cheldren Book by H Robinson and T Archbold. 116 cases pack 72
0.25 Each
0072 (Y) Children Book, Sea Animals
Sea animals 25 cases pack 120
0.35 Each
0073 (Y) Children Book, Tall Tilly
By J Powell and T Archbold
0.25 Each
0109 (Y) Children Book: Drac's Night Out
Comes with Fangs, One Pallet is available.
0.50 Each
0071 (Y) Children Book: My Guinea Pigs
95 cases pack 64
0.40 Each
0092 (Y) Children Book:Whales & Dolphins. Hard Cover
Nature's Wild Whales & Dolphins Hard Cover book Volume 1. UPC 027506280019. One Pallet is available.
0.40 Each
0065 (Y) Children Books, 5 titles, Hard Cover
5 Titles of children books, 14 cases pack 96
0.40 Each
0062 (Y) Children Christmas Coloring Book
A paw island Christmas coloring book 26 cases pack 245
0.25 Each
0060 (Y) Children Christmas Coloring Book, Pre-ticketed $1
23 Cases Pack 60
0.25 Each
0074 (Y) Children Pop Up Hard cover Book, Vampires
Pop up book 52 cases pack 100
0.40 Each
0076 (Y) Children Telling Time FlipBook Grades K and Up
87 cases 36 pack
0.40 Each
0063 (Y) Children Vampire Book
10 cases pack 165 3 cases pack 124
0.35 Each
0077 (Y) Classic Collectible Book SuperSquad
Super squad 69 cases pack 100
0.50 Each
0038 (Y) Learn & Play Guitar Book with Audio by First Act - M2LPG1
UPC: 607266010417
0.75 Each
0023 (Y) Raggs Rocks coloring book with BONUS 1 HOUR DVD. 64 pages.
Pre-ticket $3.99. UPC 886664600028. 25,041 pieces Available. pack of 50.
0.50 Each
0037 (Y) Webster Dictionary, Variety, Soft cover New
5,408 Pcs Available
0.40 Each
0033 (Z) Disney fuzzy art board
35 cases pack 288 are available.
0.25 Each
0034 (Z) Kids clock in retail packaging
31 cases pack 120 are Available
0.35 Each
0029 (Z) Wood Words Sign, 8" wide, Different Styles
Wood Signs, Case backed 24, Different styles are available.
0.35 Each
0024 3 Pack gift bags with tissue
21 cases pack 50
0.65 Each
0007 7 Stages of Marriage: Hardcover Book 2006 New
7 Stages of Marriage: Laughter, Intimacy and Passion Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Hardcover. by Rita M. DeMaria, Sari Harrar
1.25 Each
0026 Cosmic Bag
44 cases pack 200
0.35 Each
0019 The Three Stooges reusable folding water bottle.
The Three Stooges reusable folding water bottle. Fits into pocket, handbag, anywhere. Made by Shark Skinzz.
0.75 Each
0025 Wedding and baby Shower Gift Bags
99 cases pack 72
0.35 Each
0006 zip poly bags, retail package 1-1/4" by 1"
1-1/4" by 1" zip poly bags, Arranged in a display board with 36 pouches. each pouch contains 18 bags. sold by the board containing a total of 648 zip bags.
9.00 Board of 36 pouches