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  Item # Description Price Unit
100399500 200mg KOI hand & body lotion
This product is infused with Naturally occurring CBD.
39.99 1
100199900 3-1 Candle
able to use as massage oil aroma candle and lotion made from hemp seed oil. 100% Vegan.
19.99 1
100499500 ACUBelt
This band fits across either your waist, back, OR joints to help stimulation.
49.99 1
100129900 Beer stash can
Available in several different brews.
12.99 1
10079900 Brownie
This brownie can work as either a relaxer or an energy boost. 12 brownies per case.
5.00 1
1001999200 Bubble Gum
Full Spectrum Infused Bubble Gum comes 5 in a pack.
19.99 1
100249900 Cacao Snus
Derived from the cacao Plant this is a wonderful stimulant.
24.99 1
100699900 Cannapresso
This device is a nebulizer that is compatible with CBD Water.
69.99 1
100219900 CBD Bath Bombs
CBD Bath Bombs with added Essential Oils. Each bath bomb is infused with 60 - 100 mg CBD. 12 bath bombs per case
14.99 1
10025000 CBD Suckers
With 6 different Flavors to go with they pack approximately 10mg of CBD a piece.
2.50 1
100259900 CBD Water
This is a 5 piece water cartridges infused with 10 mgs of CBD.
25.99 1
1001999100 Coffee Stash can
Available is a couple of color popular Starbucks logo.
19.99 1
100349900 Dog Treats
Full spectrum CBD infused treats. available for all sizes
34.99 1
1004999100 Foot Massager
Fits on like slippers and proceeds to massage the feet.
49.99 1
100499900 Hemp Flower
This is sold in 7 gram containers. Several different strands to chose from.
49.99 1
100259900 Hemp Gummy Bears
Full Spectrum CBD infused gummy bears comes in assorted flavors.
25.99 1
1002599200 Hemp Gummy RINGS
Each packet containing assorted flavored gummies approximately 15 in a pack.
25.99 1
1002599100 Hemp Gummy smiles
CBD infused smiley gummy comes in assorted flavors.
25.99 1
1002599300 Hemp Gummy worms
Full spectrum CBD Infused gummy worms approximately 15 servings.
25.99 1
100199900 Hemp seed bath & shower gel
Made with natural hemp seed oil combined with chamomile extract
10.00 1
100199900 Hemp seed conditioner
Made from hemp seed oil and coconut oils gentle enough to use daily
10.00 1
1001999300 Hemp Seed Mini Mania
This box comes equipped with shower gel hand & body lotion chap stick and 3-1 massage candle.
19.99 1
1004999200 Hemp Seed Oil
Whole plant extract infused with Hemp seed oil anywhere from 250mg-1500mg of CBD.
49.99 1
100199900 Hemp seed shampoo
Made with hemp seed oil and coconut oils gentle enough for daily use
10.00 1
100849900 Hemplucid Body butter
A cream Thats ment for the body apply directly to aches.
84.99 1
1004999300 Hemplucid MCT Oil
Whole plant extract in MCT oil 250mg-1500mg
49.99 1
1004999400 Hemplucid Water soluble
A Whole Plant Extract combined with nano technology This product is designed for quick absorption. Also available in 250mg-1500mg
49.99 1
10015000 High Hemp Wraps
CBD infused Rolling wraps come in assorted flavors
1.50 1
10029500 Incense
In several different aromas. There are approximately 13 in a pack.
2.95 1
100139900 Jazz Total Detox
This is a liquid Detox that cleans your Urine, liver, lymph and more. The first and only detox that is herb-free
13.99 1
1002499100 Kanna
These are pre-filled 500mg CBD cartridges. Come in assorted flavors.
24.99 1
10099900 King Kong
This xxx male enhancement supplement take 30 minutes before activities.
9.99 1
10049500 King Palms
Made from Palm leaf with a corn husk filter. All Natural already pre-rolled just need to be filled.
4.95 1
1003499100 KOI 250mg cartridge
Full spectrum all natural flavor 250mg half gram pre-filled.
34.99 1
1004999500 Koi 30ml 250mg
Carried in the isolate we have Watermelon Green Apple Sour, Strawberry Milkshake, Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit, Vanilla Caramel Custard,
49.99 1
1001999400 Kush Candles
These 100% pure Hemp & soy Candles wonderful selection of scents to choose from.
19.99 1
1001999500 Legal Lean
A 2 fl oz bottle with the proper dosage of kava and st john wort extract blended with Melatonin and several other ingredients to add a sedative effect.
19.99 1
100399900 Legal lean Cartridges
A pre-filled 200MG CBD Cartridge with a grape hit flavor
39.99 1
10049900 Living CBD water
Refreshing water infused with 10mg of CBD comes 24 per case
24.00 6
100149900 Living soap
Bar of soap that has several scents infused with 60mg of CBD.
14.99 1
100999100 Natural Citrus Cleaner
Works Great on Woods,Acrylics!
9.99 1
100150000 Pop Clouds
Flavorful E-juice comes in 0mg-12mg of nic
15.00 1
100129900 Pre-Roll
smoke able 1 CBD gram.
12.99 1
100999200 Resin & Goo Cleaner
Works well on Glass, Metal, Ceramic.
9.99 1
100299900 Sage
This Herb has many uses but the most common uses are in medicine to help with digestive problems. Also can be used as an aura cleanse.
15.99 0.00
100799100 Sippin Syrup
Very relaxing drink made to help bring a person down from a restless day.
5.00 1
100249900 Son of A Gun
multiple stash cans.
24.99 1
100799200 Stub Out Ash Tray
Self-extinguishing ash tray that also glows in the dark.
7.99 1
10009900 Twisted Hemp
Come 4 in a pack 15ct per box. carried in 5 different flavors.
0.99 1
1004999600 Vape/Drip
Available in 250mg-1500mg of CBD this is a product of a whole plant extract.
49.99 1

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