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00850012018032 CBD Gummies 2oz 10 ct
Our 2oz CBD Gummies are a perfect introduction to CBD at a cost effective price. Delicious flavors in a bite sized THC Free product
48.00 dozen
00850012018049 CBD Energy Shot (Citrus Flavored)
Taurine, combined with caffeine, may improve mental performance.* Taurine is in high concentrations in heart muscle and may improve exercise capacity.* Our Energy Beverage Enhancer is supplemented with vitamin B3 (niacin) vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B9 folate and vitamin B12.*
48.00 dozen
00850012018148 CBD Muscle Relief Cream 15 ml
Our THC Free Muscle relief cream is THC Free, 3rd party tested for safety and accuracy and created by Dr's who spent years studying the bodies endocannabinoid system for maximum effectiveness.
* 12.00 dozen
00850012018216 CBD Cinnamon Nut 600 mg Tincture
Our delicious Cinnamon Nut Tincture packs 600 mg in each bottle. THC Free, 3rd Party Tested and Doctor created for maximum bio-availability.
* 54.00 dozen

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