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Our Best Selling Hiking Stick and Walking Cane Assortments
America Best Selling Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

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1600 Hiking Sticks - Dealers Dozen 12-pack Assortment
Since 1984 this has been the basic "Starter Kit" for small retailers and mult-department applications hiking sticks. No frills Classic Series Sticks include Adult Staffs, "Scout" sticks, Kids Sticks, and Root Handled Canes.
160.00 Per Assortment
1450 Hiking Sticks - Discovery Series
Each hiking stick with a twist carved into it! 12-pack includes 4 each of the three styles... Cherry, Black, and Natural.
275.00 Per Assortment
1601 Hiking Sticks - Extreme Value Pack- 25 Stick Assortment
Our best value in a Classic Series Assortment. This 25-stick package include our most popular hiking sticks and walking canes, in one big assortment. Also, get a free Whistle Creek display stand on your initail order!
422.00 Per Assortment
6024 Hiking Sticks - Nothing Fancy Assortment
With Nothing Fancy you get an equal mix of 48", 54", and 59" hiking sticks in our best selling woods, hickory and sassafras. Available in 12, 18, 24, and 30-packs for your convenience.
314.00 Per Assortment
1700 Hiking Sticks - Super Dealers Dozen
A "Beefed Up" Dealers Dozen includes some Compass and Whistle topped Specialty Staffs, Tracker Staffs with paw prints... for shops who want a little higher-end Hiking Stick and Walking Cane presentation.
196.00 Per Assortment
1604 Hiking Sticks - Tracker Assortment
The "Paw Print" series! This 12 pack includes four 54" adult hiking stick trackers, six 48" "scout" trackers and two "twizzle" trackers with a twist carved into them.
188.00 Per Assortment
4012 Survival Kit in a Sardine Can 12-pack
These great survival kits actually contain 25 survival items, fish hook, line, matches, fire starter, compass, whistle, first aid supplies - even duct tape - YES! 12-pack comes in a counter top box with exploded view of contents. These Survival Kits make great stocking stuffers and gifts.
84.00 Per Assortment
1605 Walking Canes-Just Canes 12-pack
7 root-handled canes, 2 steam-bent hickory and 3 "horse hame" walking sticks.
262.00 Per Assortment

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