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At Zile Distributors we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in beauty and health care. Our products are 100% natural and imported directly from our "natural lab" . We offer an array of Haitian products from Haitian Black Castor oil to Haitian Djondjon (black mushroom), which is our most popular product. Go to our Retail Site to see our new products and request Wholesale Prices!

  • Castor oil
  • Moringa oil
  • body butter
  • hair pomade
  • vaginal rejuvenation
  • tumeric soap
  • loose leaves tea
  • bag teas
Loose leaf tea
Loose leaf tea

Loose leaves therapeutic tea. chose from bitter melon, artemisia anua, artemisia, soursop, verbena. Also in tea bags: ginger, lemon grass and many more. email for inquiry

Dried baby shrimp
Dried baby shrimp

Dried baby shrimp both salted or unsalted come in 2 dimensons 1.5 oz or 4.5 oz. Also blended with either cloves, chili peper and garlic or all of them

vaginal rejuvenation
vaginal rejuvenation

blend of leaves in tea bags. 4 bags in the cannister. Ideal for organic shop.

Tumeric complexion soap
Tumeric complexion soap

turmeric complexion soap, one of the multiple hand made soap we carry.

natural hair pomade
natural hair pomade

ingredients: cocoa butter, organic black castor oil, moringa oil, shea butter. very good review can be private label.

body butter
body butter

ingredients: shea butter, organic aloe Vera gel, moringa oil, essential oil. from unscented to vetiver, lavender, coconut, vanilla, citrus, jasmine in 2 and 4oz private labeling available.


Supplier Type: Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler

Price Point: Midrange

Minimum Order: 200.00

Payment Accepted: check, bank transfer, credit card

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