Zymo E-Merchandise Inc.

521 S Manhattan Pl #104
Los Angeles, California 90020
United States
Phone: 5627151672
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Zymo E-Merchandise Inc. is a manufacturer & distributor in the United States. We have 20+ years of experience in 3 main categories.

1) Apparel & Medical Scrubs
2) Handbag for Women
3) Exclusive Brand "Trick or snack" Dog Treats for Training (jerky treats)

  • Everything we wholesale are premium quality products.


Supplier Type: Distributor, Manufacturer

Price Point: Value Price

Minimum Order: 1/2 Dozen

Payment Accepted: Major Credit Cards, ACH Bank Transfer

Sample Packs: Yes


 Testimonial from our retailer site. When I purchased this, it only had seven reviews. After being burned numerous times, I never buy anything with a number of reviews that low but this time I took a chance and ordered a clutch in both black and brown. Boy am I glad I did. The PU leather the clutches are made of is convincingly authentic looking. The studs are shiny and evenly placed, and it even has a nice, heavier weight stiff feel to it. But not plastic-y stiff, leather stiff. The lining is pretty and well done. I am in love with both of these and cannot wait to show them off. SUCH a great purchase!!