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* Smoking Items (18+ only) * : Animal/Figurine Pipes :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
*TP-A 3.5" Handcarved Mini Tobacco Pipe
3.5" Handcarved Mini Tobacco Pipe
4.50 EA
Angrybird Glass Angrybird Pipe (on sale)
Glass Angry bird pipe,assorted color,approx long 5",weight 110g,unit price $5.95 /ea. Original price was $7.95/Ea.
11.90 set of 2
Cleaner-420 420 Glass cleaner
420 Soak-N-Rinse Glass pipe cleaner. 12OZ, name brand, guaranteed work. Unit price: 5.00
10.00 set of 2
CP-1 figurine-pipe (on sale)
figurine pipe, about 9" tall. $12.95 each. Original price was $15.
12.95 each
DINOSAUR 5" Tall Dinosaur Glass Pipe
5" Tall Dinosaur Glass Pipe
16.00 EA
DK1 Insideout swan glass pipe
Insideout swan glass pipe, insideout colorful glass, nice shaped and assorment, Unit price: $7.95/ea
7.95 ea
DLP1 Glass Dolphin Animal Pipe 7"
Glass dolphin animal pipe, about 7" long. Unit pricce $13.50/ea.
13.50 ea
DLP2 Glass Dolphin Animal Pipe 6.5"
Glass dolphin animal pipe, about 6.5" long. Unit pricce $7.95/ea
7.95 EA
ELEPHANT-CRYSTAL 4"x2.5"x4" Mini Elephant Glass Pipe (on sale)
4"x2.5"x4" Mini Elephant Glass Pipe. $6.25 per pc. Original price was $7.
6.25 EA
Elephant-Mini Glass Mini Elephant pipe
Glass Mini Elephant pipe, insideout colorful glass, nice shaped and assorment, Unit price: $5.00
15.00 set of 3
elephant-rainbow Glass Elephant Pipe (on sale)
Glass Elephant Pipe,rainbow color,105g, 3.5" high, unit price $7.5 each. Original price was $8.5/ea
7.50 Each
elephant-rasta Rasta Elephant Glass Pipe (on sale)
Rasta Elephant Glass Pipe, about 4" X 5" weight 141 grams, pretty good color, Unit price $9. Original price was $11.95
9.00 each
F-15 Ceramic Figurine Water Pipe - 11"
Ceramic Skull Figurine Water Pipe, about 11" tall, new design. unit price: $14.50
14.50 each
F-18 Ceramic Gun Water Pipe
Ceramic gun water pipe, about 8" long. Unit price $13.50/ea.
13.50 ea
F-19 Ceramic Figurine Pipe H-6"
Ceramic Figurine Pipe H-6"
15.00 EA
F-2 Glass Figurine Pipe
Glass Figurine Pipe,approx 9" tall,unit price $16.00/ea
16.00 each
F-20 Ceramic Figurine Pipe H-7"
Ceramic Figurine Pipe H-7"
15.00 EA
F17 Ceramic Pig Pipe
Ceramic pig pipe, approx 4.5"L*5"H, 328g, unit price $14.50/ea.
14.50 ea
figurine-1.5 Figurine Glass Pipe
Figurine Glass Pipe,approx 10" long,250g,unit price $12.95
12.95 ea
figurine-10 Ceramic Figurine Pipe
Ceramic skull biker pipe,approx 7 inch high, approx weight 450g, unit price $15.00/ea
15.00 each
figurine-11 Ceramic Figurine Pipe
Ceramic joker in tuxedos costume, 9" tall, 300 G weight, mix colors, unit price 13.50/ea.
13.50 Ea
figurine-13 Ceramic Figurine Pipe
Ceramic Dragon Skull Figurine Pipe, max size about 6.5", Unit price: $14.50
14.50 each
Figurine-4 Glass figurine Pipe - Middle Finger (on sale)
Glass figurine Pipe - Middle Finger. $11.95. Original price was $13.5
11.95 ea
figurine-5 Glass figurine Pipe - Handgun (ON SALE)
Glass figurine Pipe - handgun, 280g, approx 8" high, assorted color, unit price $11.35. Orignial price was $13.5/ea
11.35 ea
figurine-7 ceramic Figurine Pipe -Hand gun
Ceramic Figurine Pipe-double barrel hand hun,approx 300g, about 10" high, black and white colors, unit price $13.5/ea
13.50 Ea

78 items found: Page [ 1 ] [2] [3] [4] <Next Page>