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* Smoking Items (18+ only) * : Animal/Figurine Pipes :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
*TP-A 3.5" Handcarved Mini Tobacco Pipe
3.5" Handcarved Mini Tobacco Pipe
4.50 EA
Angrybird Glass Angrybird Pipe (on sale)
Glass Angry bird pipe,assorted color,approx long 5",weight 110g,unit price $5.95 /ea. Original price was $7.95/Ea.
11.90 set of 2
Blue Bull Blue Bull Glass Pipe (on sale)
Unit Price: $6.5 each. Original price was $8.00/Each.
6.50 Each
Cleaner-420 420 Glass cleaner
420 Soak-N-Rinse Glass pipe cleaner. 12OZ, name brand, guaranteed work. Unit price: 5.00
10.00 set of 2
CP-1 figurine-pipe (on sale)
figurine pipe, about 9" tall. $12.95 each. Original price was $15.
12.95 each
DK1 Insideout swan glass pipe
Insideout swan glass pipe, insideout colorful glass, nice shaped and assorment, Unit price: $7.95/ea
7.95 ea
DLP1 Glass Dolphin Animal Pipe 7"
Glass dolphin animal pipe, about 7" long. Unit pricce $13.50/ea.
13.50 ea
DLP2 Glass Dolphin Animal Pipe 6.5"
Glass dolphin animal pipe, about 6.5" long. Unit pricce $7.95/ea
7.95 EA
elephant--bob elephant frost pipe
Elephant Glass Pipe, with bob marley image on behind,4x4" high, 130g, unit price $6.5/ea
6.50 Each
ELEPHANT-CRYSTAL 4"x2.5"x4" Mini Elephant Glass Pipe (on sale)
4"x2.5"x4" Mini Elephant Glass Pipe. $6.25 per pc. Original price was $7.
6.25 EA
Elephant-Mini Glass Mini Elephant pipe
Glass Mini Elephant pipe, insideout colorful glass, nice shaped and assorment, Unit price: $5.00
15.00 set of 3
elephant-rainbow Glass Elephant Pipe (on sale)
Glass Elephant Pipe,rainbow color,105g, 3.5" high, unit price $7.5 each. Original price was $8.5/ea
7.50 Each
elephant-rasta Rasta Elephant Glass Pipe (on sale)
Rasta Elephant Glass Pipe, about 4" X 5" weight 141 grams, pretty good color, Unit price $9. Original price was $11.95
9.00 each
F-15 Ceramic Figurine Water Pipe - 11"
Ceramic Skull Figurine Water Pipe, about 11" tall, new design. unit price: $14.50
14.50 each
F-18 Ceramic Gun Water Pipe
Ceramic gun water pipe, about 8" long. Unit price $13.50/ea.
13.50 ea
F-2 Glass Figurine Pipe
Glass Figurine Pipe,approx 9" tall,unit price $16.00/ea
16.00 each
F17 Ceramic Pig Pipe
Ceramic pig pipe, approx 4.5"L*5"H, 328g, unit price $14.50/ea.
14.50 ea
figurine-1.5 Figurine Glass Pipe
Figurine Glass Pipe,approx 10" long,250g,unit price $12.95
12.95 ea
figurine-10 Ceramic Figurine Pipe
Ceramic skull biker pipe,approx 7 inch high, approx weight 450g, unit price $15.00/ea
15.00 each
figurine-11 Ceramic Figurine Pipe
Ceramic joker in tuxedos costume, 9" tall, 300 G weight, mix colors, unit price 13.50/ea.
13.50 Ea
figurine-13 Ceramic Figurine Pipe
Ceramic Dragon Skull Figurine Pipe, max size about 6.5", Unit price: $14.50
14.50 each
Figurine-4 Glass figurine Pipe - Middle Finger (on sale)
Glass figurine Pipe - Middle Finger. $11.95. Original price was $13.5
11.95 ea
figurine-5 Glass figurine Pipe - Handgun (ON SALE)
Glass figurine Pipe - handgun, 280g, approx 8" high, assorted color, unit price $11.35. Orignial price was $13.5/ea
11.35 ea
figurine-7 ceramic Figurine Pipe -Hand gun
Ceramic Figurine Pipe-double barrel hand hun,approx 300g, about 10" high, black and white colors, unit price $13.5/ea
13.50 Ea
figurine-Joker Ceramic Joker Pipe
Ceramic Joker Pipe,approx 6 inch high, approx weight 400g, unit price $13.5/ea
13.50 ea

73 items found: Page [ 1 ] [2] [3] <Next Page>