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  Item # Description Price Unit
001305 Cigarette case 100mm cigarette
100mm Cigarette Case,12 PCS in one display box. For 80 or 100mm cigarette. Unit price:3.50/EA
10.50 set of 3
00260-1 Metal DOUBLE Torch Gun lighter
Metal DOUBLE Torch Gun lighter, Mix colors, 12/display unite price $2.75/ea
16.50 set of 6
00441 Double Barrel gun lighter,
Double Barrel gun lighter,double flame, about 5",20ct/box, unit price $2.25/pc
11.25 Set of 5
26764 Pocket Cal with pen and card holder,
Pocket Calculator with pen and card holder,approx size 4" x 3" ,unit prce $2.75/ea
16.50 set of 6
28566 iPhone Glass Ashtray
Rectangular-based, thick glass material Soft padded bottom Easy to clean with standard degreaser Size: 4.5 inches x 2.75 inches x 1 inches, Unit price: $2.50
5.00 Set of 2
28799 iPhone Cigarette Case white/black
apple iPhone phone shape metal wallet cigarette case box holder king size 100mm-white and black color available Unit price $3.50
7.00 set of 2
503 HONEST 503 JET Windproof Adjustable Flame Butane Pen Torch
HONEST 503 JET Windproof Adjustable Flame Butane Pen Torch Cigarette Lighter
7.00 EA
60306 Prashanthi Sai Baba Incense stick Out of Stock
Premium Masala incense stick, come in 5 flavors as Nagchampa Brown, Patchouli, Orange, Lavender, and Black opium, unit price $9.00 Ea.
9.00 Ea
AF9002 6 Led Mini flash LIght
6 Led Keychain Light,1.5" inch long,batteries included, Mix color, 24/box unit price $2/ea
24.00 dozen
Cigar Cutter-BLK Cigar Cutter
Cigar Cutter.3.5"(L)x1.50"(W)x0.25"(thickness),weighx26g 0.75"(hole diameter), double blade, pocket-sized, 24 pcs per display. Unit price: $1.25/EA
7.50 Set of 6
QUICKFIX Quick Fix Plus
Unit Price: $7.95
7.95 Each
Rose1 Glass Rose Pipe 6"
Glass rose pipe,24 PCS per display box, about 6"
8.50 box
Rose2 Glass rose pipe-4.5
Glass rose pipe,24 PCS per display box, about 4.5".
8.00 box

13 items found: Page [ 1 ]

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