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  Item # Description Price Unit
001305 Cigarette case 100mm cigarette
100mm Cigarette Case,12 PCS in one display box. For 80 or 100mm cigarette. Unit price:3.50/EA
10.50 set of 3
00260-1 Metal DOUBLE Torch Gun lighter
Metal DOUBLE Torch Gun lighter, Mix colors, 12/display unite price $2.75/ea
16.50 set of 6
00441 Double Barrel gun lighter,
Double Barrel gun lighter,double flame, about 5",20ct/box, unit price $2/pc
10.00 set of 5
00666 Camo Hand Grenade Metal Refillable Lighter
Mini Camo Hand Grenade Metal Refillable Lighter,click to Ignite, Adjustable Flame, and Butane Refillable. Unit price 2.5/ea
10.00 Set of 4
00840 Standing torch lighter,
Standing torch lighter,assorted color,12/display, unit price $2.75/ea
16.50 set of 6
11090 Leather Money clips
Leather Money clips, two colors, approx 4 x 3 inch, 12/display unit price $2.5/ea
16.00 set of 6
12330 Toke Token Rolling Paper 1.0
Toke Token Rolling paper, 1.0, 72CT in a jar. Unit price: $27.00 to $30.-/jar
* 30.00 Jar
22529 Ipod nano protect case - Close Out
Ipod nano protect case,fit ipod nano only,its durable, clips to you belt, includes lanyard, Close Out unit price $.45/ea
10.80 2 dz
26764 Pocket Cal with pen and card holder,
Pocket Calculator with pen and card holder,approx size 4" x 3" ,unit prce $2.75/ea
16.50 set of 6
26974 necklace Out of Stock
necklace, assorted design, stainless steel, unit price $1.25/ea
15.00 dozen
28566 iPhone Glass Ashtray
Rectangular-based, thick glass material Soft padded bottom Easy to clean with standard degreaser Size: 4.5 inches x 2.75 inches x 1 inches, Unit price: $2.50
5.00 Set of 2
28799 iPhone Cigarette Case white/black
apple iPhone phone shape metal wallet cigarette case box holder king size 100mm-white and black color available Unit price $3.50
7.00 set of 2
29609 9 LED glowing Flash LIght,
9 Led Glowing Flash light,3xAAA batteries included, Mixed color, 12/display,unit price $2.25/ea
13.50 set of 6
30106 Butane gas,18ml,20/box
Butane gas,18ml,20/display,unit price $.49/ea
9.80 box
60306 Prashanthi Sai Baba Incense stick Out of Stock
Premium Masala incense stick, come in 5 flavors as Nagchampa Brown, Patchouli, Orange, Lavender, and Black opium, unit price $9.00 Ea.
9.00 Ea
61313 Rikang Torch LIghter
Rikang Torch Lighter, high quliaty hard box, torch lighter, unit price $6.75/ea
13.50 set of 2
973390 Sunglasses Case
Soft cloths sunglasses case, unit price $1/ea
12.00 dozen
AF9002 6 Led Mini flash LIght
6 Led Keychain Light,1.5" inch long,batteries included, Mix color, 24/box unit price $2/ea
24.00 dozen
cheechchong refillable lighter / bottle opener
Cheech Chong Gaint Curve Refillable Lighter / bottle opener, mix designs,12/display, unit price $42/display
42.00 display
Cigar Cutter-BLK Cigar cutter
Cigar cutter.3.5"(L)x1.50"(W)x0.25"(thickness),weighx26g 0.75"(hole diameter), double blade, pocket-sized, 24 pcs per display. Unit price: $1.25/EA
7.50 Set of 6
EH-120 ED Hardy CAN Cooler
Can Cooler, ED Hardy,Mixed Designs, 12ct/display,come with hanger hook, SPECIAL PRICE NOW!!! $1.85/ea, used to be $2.25/ea
22.20 dz
Hand Cuff Leather hand Cuff
Leather hand Cuff,unit price $6.95/ea
6.95 ea
HX240 Bullet Grinder (1.5")(on sale)
A Brand New 3PC new design bullet shaped golden body Metal Herb Tobacco Grinder. Unit Price $4/ea
8.00 Set of 2
Incense Holder Incense Stick Holder
Incense stick holder, the wood is smooth and polished 10 inches long and 1 1/2" with. unit price .50/ea
6.00 a dozen
Jar-2 Glass Jar with engraved letter
Airtight,Glass Jar with engraved letter,assorted design, approx 3" high,2" in diameter, unit price $6.5/ea
13.00 set o 2

35 items found: Page [ 1 ] [2] <Next Page>