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Nady Handheld Wireless Cardioid Dynamic Microphone System
Ideal entry-level system<br> Excellent Hi-Fi audio<br> VHF (170MHz-216MHz) operations for reliable, interference-free performance<br> 150ft typical operating range--up to 300ft line-of-sight range<br> Easy to use--plugs into audio mixer or amp in place of wired microphone ...
Category: Cameras and CAMCORDERs
Price: See supplier website for pricing
item uploaded: 04/16/2018
RCA Compact Rf Modulator
Allows connection of an A/V component, such as a DVD player, CAMCORDER or TV without an A/V jack <br> Auto switching automatically detects the incoming video source<br> 110x on transformer input<br> 9V DC, 100mA output<br> Converts A/V to RF channels 3 or 4<br> Low-l...
Category: TV Signal
Price: $7.86
item uploaded: 04/16/2018
Leather Belt Pouch (While supplies Last!)
This is a perfect leather belt pouch for a small CAMCORDER. It attaches to your belt for easy access to your camera. Made in USA
Category: Camera and Phone Cases
Price: $36.00 Each
DropForYou.com 352-678-3661
2.1 Amp 2-Port USB Car Charger
"Features: Charge any 2 USB devices at the same time 2100mAh power compatibility Universal USB dual port car charger For use with: Mobile phones, MP3 players, Cameras, CAMCORDERs, GPS "
Category: Electronic Accessories > Cell Phone Accessories
Price: $2.85
item uploaded: 03/08/2018

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