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What Customers Say about Wholesale Central

Recommended by Forbes.
You are, without a doubt, the best wholesale hub online, bar none. I attribute ALL our online success to Wholesale Central.
Andrew Mazer, Mazer Wholesale
General Merchandise, Dropshippers, Tools
Member since 2000
We've been with Wholesale Central since 2005 and we love it. The site delivers new customers regularly, lets us quickly list and sell clearance items, and lets buyers easily find our biggest sellers, "Made in USA" products.
Michael Batson, North Star Leather Company
Handbags, Fashion Accessories, Made in USA
Member since 2005
I have been with Wholesale Central since opening my first company, More recently, I opened up my second company, and the first place I went to advertise my products was with Wholesale Central. They have been a great resource to drive traffic to both of my websites for handbags, apparel and accessories. The benefit/service I receive is top notch. They are by far the best wholesale directory on the web and I recommend them highly if you are looking to gain additional traffic to increase revenue. I've been with them 10+ years.
Katy Messersmith
Apparel, Fashion Accessories & Jewelry
Member since 2005
Wholesale Central is the best investment for advertising our business has ever used. We receive quality leads on a daily basis with excellent conversion rates to true wholesale customers. We have wasted money on many other competitor sites and have only been disappointed. Using our google analytic data we have proof that shows site hits from wholesale central to our site are at least 5 fold from any other listing site. Always a great experience with the staff helping us grow and offering new avenues for advertising with partner wholesale central products. Thanks!
Rex International
Sporting Goods, Knives & Swords, Self-defense
Member since 2009
We are writing you today to say Thank You for the wonderful services we have experienced with your company thus far. Turkey Creek Trading Company is extremely satisfied with the updates and information that your company has provided to us over the years.

The emails and orders that we receive allow us to response quickly and positively to our customers' needs. We are completely satisfied and pleased with the quality of Wholesale Central's website and would recommend that if you are a business that deals in wholesale, that you take advantage of this website for your business needs. Again thank you for the exceptional services.
Turkey Creek Trading Company
Sporting Goods, Knives & Swords, Self-defense
Member since 2007
Just wanted to let you know how fantastic has been for Kelli's! As a US wholesale distributor, most of our online leads have come to us through Wholesale Central for the past several years. We've tried other such directories, but they do NOT come close...believe me, I've tried several and discontinued their services rather quickly, as they simply do not measure up, and I tell them so.

In addition, the various folks at who I've dealt with in sales, customer support, tech support, etc. have been knowledgeable, professional and wonderful to deal with anytime I've needed to call.

Thanks so much for the service you provide. I truly don't know what we'd do without!!!
Jan Hirsch, Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers
General Merchandise, Gifts, Toys
Member since 2008
Swanson Christian Products online wholesale business has quadrupled in the last 2 years. We feel that an important part of that growth was our relationship with, which has been our best source for new customers finding our website.
John McKinney, Sr., Swanson Christian Products
Religious Items, Fashion Accessories
Member since 2005
We appreciate all Wholesale Central has done for us. We have gone from a small town wholesaler and have grown tremendously this year, as bad as the economy is, and 95% of it was through Wholesale Central. We have tried every one of the Pay Per Click (PPC) sites that are out there. Nothing even comes close to the qualified buyers we receive through Wholesale Central. Not only do we continue to get our regular customers that we initially got through Wholesale Central, but we receive new qualified buyers everyday.
Charlie Sampson, Discount Charlies
General Merchandise
Member since 2006
Awesome! Incredible! Since getting the wonderful initial response when we first listed, we also starting submitting our 3,000 products through the EZFeed, as well as buying a Top 5 Featured spot in our category, and the response to both has been amazing. We only wish we'd become a customer of Wholesale Central a long time ago, considering the new customers we've gained since.
Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers
General Merchandise, Gifts, Toys
Member since 2008

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