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Kit Me, LLC 480-442-7065
Santa's Little Helper Kit
All-inclusive CHRISTMAS experience kit. Contains everything for a child to help Santa with a North Pole craft and then give it away. All materials and instructions included.
Category: Santa's Little Helper
Price: as low as $15.00 each
Santa's Little Helper Cheer Card
Add-on item for Santa's Little Helper kit. Branded notecard for children to write CHRISTMAS messages to others.
Category: Santa's Little Helper
Price: $0.48 each
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Rockey Trading Co.
Red Hats, headwear, hair
accessories, jewelry, dollar
store, MUCH MUCH More!
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Western Express, Inc.
Wholesale distributor- country
western accesories, cowboy
hats, related products.
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Selini NY Inc
8000+ Items at a Low Price!
Ties, Hats, Leggings, Scarves
Electric Accessories and MORE!
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R&M Wholesale
Dollar Store Items including
Housewares, Tools, Toys, Gifts
Fash Access., Pet Prods & More
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Four Seasons-10,000+items
**Dollar Store & Gen. Merch.**
Party Supplies,Office/School!
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