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Wholesalecentral.com is the most affordable and effective way to drive large volumes of active wholesale buyers to your business. We are, by every measure, the industry's leading business-to-business wholesale directory and marketplace on the web since 1996.

How it Works
It's easy! Simply add your company's listing to the Wholesale Central directory. You can link your listing directly to your own website if you have one, or use our Company Profile Builder to create your Company Profile page here on Wholesale Central. We also offer a storefront for you to sell your merchandise if you choose, and we charge no commissions or fees to use it.

Once you are listed in the directory, your company is accessible to the 1/2 million buyers who use Wholesale Central, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Buyers can find your company by product category, company name, geographic location, and even the products you sell.

Why it Works
Wholesale Central is a product of Sumner Communications, publisher of trade magazines and directories serving wholesalers and retailers in print since 1985. Our position as the industry's leading publisher of printed trade magazines and directories allows us to continuously drive our enormous readership of qualified buyers to Wholesale Central each and every month. No other directory on the web can say that!

Combine that with our aggressive marketing campaigns in print, at tradeshows, and on the web, and you have the most powerful marketing machine in the industry! By placing your company in the Wholesale Central directory you are exposing your company to the largest audience of wholesale buyers gathered in one place on the Internet.

Best of all, Wholesale Central delivers unlimited clicks for one low fee. No time-consuming and costly pay-per-click campaigns to worry about here. You simply add your company and buyers can immediately start finding you. It's that easy!

Wholesalecentral.com is strictly business to business. To add your company you must be a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or importer of consumer merchandise, or provide a business related service to wholesalers or retailers.

Listing Fee:
Only $299 per 6 months

New Listing Special:
$498 per Year - $100 annual savings!

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Our Members Say

"We appreciate all Wholesale Central has done for us. We have gone from a small town wholesaler and have grown tremendously this year, as bad as the economy is, and 95% of it was through Wholesale Central.

We have tried every one of the Pay Per Click (PPC) sites that are out there. Nothing even comes close to the qualified buyers we receive through Wholesale Central.

Not only do we continue to get our regular customers that we initially got through Wholesale Central, but we receive new qualified buyers everyday."
Charlie Sampson
Discount Charlies

"Thanks. All I can say is 'alot of bang for the buck'. We get new qualified customers every month, many that have become loyal repeat customers."
Mark Fischman
New Frontier Marketing

"You are, without a doubt, the best wholesale hub online, bar none. I attribute ALL our online success to wholesale central."
Andrew Mazer,
Mazer Wholesale

"I would again like to thank you and your staff for all the help and assistance you have given me in the past five years. Last month alone I had over 3 million hits on my web site. The largest came from Wholesalecentral.com. You guys are unbelievable!"
Dan Kester

"Wholesale Central generates interest in our company that we would not have otherwise. From the beginning of our participation we have seen growth in both the number of hits to the site and business generated."
Mark Woods
Novelty Liquidators

"The Internet site that I had built by Wholesale Central is an essential part of my business. Within 60 days of its completion, the site paid for itself. I have made a substantial amount of money off of this site."
Gail Suggs
Mystical Moments



In response to the growing demand by American buyers to source products directly from Asia, we created an exclusive Asian directory on Wholesalecentral.com. Companies based in Asia are listed in our Wholesalecentral.com Asia section, and their products will be loaded into our Asian Product Search.

For help listing your company in the Wholesalecentral.com Asia directory, contact our Chinese-speaking service organization:

Fenni Ming
Email: asianservice@b-net.cn
Tel: (010) 68417827  023-68126486
Fax: (010) 88545127  023-68126179

Wholesalecentral.com Asia Listing Fee:
Asian Area (except China): $850 USD/year; Chinese Area: 6000 RMB/year.

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PRICING (back to top)

Membership Package
$299 per 6 months
New Member Special: $498 per year - $100 annual savings!
Includes your company listing at Wholesalecentral.com, and unlimited clicks!
Bonus: Free postings on Deals & Steals page. Free leads from Product Locator Service. Free storefront -- you pay NO commission on sales you make with your store.

Wholesale Central Asia Membership Package
$850 per year
Companies based in Asia are listed in the Asian directory section of WholesaleCentral.com. Membership includes your company listing in the Wholesalecentral.com Asia directory, unlimited trade leads, and unlimited clicks!
Bonus: Free storefront -- you pay NO commission on sales you make with your store. Free data feeds into the Wholesale Central Asia Product Search for approved wholesale stores.

Top 5 Positioning
Major Category starting at $350 per 60 days
Subcategory starting at $275 per 60 days

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FAQs (back to top)

If you would like more information, read our FAQs below, or call and speak to one of our experienced representatives today: 1-800-999-8281 (at the prompt press 3 for Wholesale Central). We can answer all of your questions, and help you to get started immediately.

Q. What is Wholesalecentral.com?

A. Wholesalecentral.com is a business to business directory of wholesale suppliers and products. It is the oldest, largest, and most trusted wholesale-only directory and marketplace on the Internet, since 1996. Our award-winning state-of-the-art technology makes it easy for you to list your company and for buyers to find you in a variety of ways.

Q. How do buyers find me at Wholesalecentral.com?

A. Most buyers search by clicking on the product categories listed on the home page. There are over 50 major categories, and hundreds of subcategories which cover virtually every type of supplier in our industry. You can also load your products into the Wholesale Product Search, which allows buyers to search in all of our members' online storefronts from one convenient search box. There are other forms of additional advertising available throughout the site, such as the Deals & Steals page where you can post your specials for free, as well as many paid advertising opportunities to fit any budget.

Q. How do I get my products into the Wholesale Product Search?

A. There are two ways to load your products into the Wholesale Product Search. You can use the free storefront that is available to all Wholesalecentral.com members. All items that you enter into your Wholesalecentral.com storefront are automatically included in the Wholesale Product Search. If you are not using the Wholesalecentral.com storefront, but have your own ecommerce site hosted somewhere else, you can use our EZFeed technology to upload the products from your store into the Wholesale Product Search. Regardless of how you load your products, when a buyer clicks on one of your products using the Product Search, they leave our site and go directly to that product in your store where they can make their purchase.

Q. What determines the order I appear in the listings?

A. Listings are shuffled randomly every day. That is how we are able to deliver high volumes of traffic to ALL of our members equally.

Q. Is this Pay-Per-Click?

A. No! One of the things our customers like best about our model is that there is no cost-per-click, or cost-per-lead, or any additional charges, all of which take time to manage and can quickly drive your advertising expenses out of control. Here, you get unlimited exposure and unlimited clicks for one low listing fee.

Q. How do I make sure the people who contact me at Wholesalecentral.com are qualified prospects?

A. That's what we do best. We are in a unique position within the wholesale industry to drive active qualified wholesale buyers to Wholesalecentral.com on a continual basis. Our parent company, Sumner Communications, has been the leading publisher of trade magazines for this industry since 1985. Wholesalecentral.com is promoted on the cover of each of our five monthly trade magazines, and these magazines are delivered into the hands of our readers: hundreds of thousands of known, active retailers and wholesale buyers.

In addition to that, Wholesalecentral.com is the original wholesale directory on the web, since 1996. Our longevity on the Internet has allowed us to secure top rankings in all of the major search engines, as well as build a huge established audience of buyers who have come to rely on us for their sourcing needs. The effort that we have put into developing our enormous and loyal audience of buyers has never been duplicated on the web.

Wholesalecentral.com is also constantly advertised in other media. You will find us in major merchandise trade show directories, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Convenience Store News, Specialty Retail Report, Internet Retailer, and more!

Q. What if I don't have a wholesale web site?

A. We provide an easy on-screen form where you can create a professional company profile page. This page displays your essential business information including your contact information, minimum order, types of payment you accept, a logo if you have one, and more. We also provide a free storefront that you can personalize and use to sell your products online.

Q. Who can be listed on Wholesalecentral.com?

A. Wholesalecentral.com is strictly business-to-business. You must be a wholesler, distributor, importer, manufacturer, or business service to be listed in our directory.

Q. What do I have to do?

A. Very little! Take a few minutes to fill out our signup form which gives us the information that is used to create your listing. Or call our sales department and we'll add your company for you. We take care of all the details that go into marketing a successful web site, leaving you to do what you do best - filling new orders.

Wholesale Central provides premium sourcing tools that help wholesale buyers find wholesale suppliers and products. This site is strictly B2B. Wholesale only. No consumers.

Recommended by FORBES as a top-pick for wholesale buying and selling.

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