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Arctic Chill Towel :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
ACTcd Arctic Chill Towel (with free Counter Display)
The ARCTIC CHILL TOWEL is an evaporative work/sport towel that allows you to feel cooler as the summer temperature rises. NO REFRIGERATION! Just dampen and give it a shake. Under the hot sun or after a workout, at work or at play, indoors or out, as long as the towels are wet, they chill!
496.80 72-unit Counter Display. ($6.90 each)
ACTfd Arctic Chill Towel (with free Floor Display)
This item is very hot. And very cool! (Somehow, it makes sense.) The ARCTIC CHILL TOWEL. Wet It, Wring It, Shake It, Wear it! Great packaging, too. Click the Thumbnail image to view our 144-unit Floor Display details. It's just more of a good thing!
993.60 144-unit Floor Display. ($6.90 each)
ACTalbd Arctic Chill Towel (with free Lean Back Display)
Sweltering? Beat the heat! Arctic Chill Towels require NO refrigeration. Just add water and FEEL 20 DEGREES COOLER IMMEDIATELY! Is space at a premium in your store? "Chill out" and take a look at our 48-Unit Lean Back Display. Then, you may re-order Arctic Chill Towels in 24-unit increments.
331.20 48-unit Lean Back Display Package ($6.90 each)
ACTb Arctic Chill Towels Banner
This 5.5' x 2' (66" x 24") vertical vinyl banner is double hemmed with 4 grommets for heavy duty, long term use. Hang it on the wall and watch your ARCTIC CHILL TOWEL sales "heat up!"
60.00 per banner
ACTro Arctic Chill Towels Bulk or Re-Order
Don't need a display or time to get some more ARCTIC CHILL TOWELS? SUGGESTED RETAIL: $14.95-$19.95 (Please note: This is RE-ORDER or BULK pricing. Initial order 24-unit Sample Pre-Packs are available at a different price point.)
165.60 $6.90 each. 24 piece minimum.
ACT_s Arctic Chill Towels Samples
Would you like to try just a few ARCTIC CHILL TOWELS (no display)? After your 24 samples fly off the shelf, we know you'll become a believer. And your wholesale cost will tumble, too! SUGGESTED RETAIL: $14.95-$19.95
228.00 $9.50 each. 1 sample prepack = 24 units

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