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4 Matches for ' Gag '  from NativeCrafts.us

NativeCrafts.us 509-476-3763
Neon Glow in the Dark Bracelets
Glow in the Dark bracelets are a great seller at pow wows or any festival which has activities after dark. Dances, parties, community events, fairs, carnivals, and youth events all need glow bracelets. About 8" long with connector included. Just snap or shake to break the internal ampoule and act
Category: Novelties / GAG Gifts > Light Up Novelties
Price: 1.0000
item updated: 06/27/2022
25 Standard 6" Glow Sticks, Assorted Colors
You get 25 glowsticks in an assortment of 5 bright colors. They include detachable connectors along with neck string, so you can wear them or hang them anywhere, which your customers will appreciate. Many other vendors won't include these extras. Just shake or snap them to break the ampule insi
Category: Novelties / GAG Gifts > Light Up Novelties
Price: 16.9900
item updated: 06/27/2022
Shocking Pistol Gun with Flashlignt
This silver pistol gun replica gives a shock when you pull the trigger. It lights a flashlight when you cock the hammer. Play a funny practical joke on all your friends with this shocking novelty GAG pistol. Shocking GAG items are great sellers everywhere. Not produced by or the product of a p
Category: Novelties / GAG Gifts > Shocking Toys
Price: 7.9900
item updated: 06/27/2022
Woopie Cushion
You blow up this novelty cushion, then hide it in someone's chair when they aren't looking. When they sit on it, it makes a farting sound. Kids love this item! This is a hot seller at fairs, carnivals, pow wows, or any event where there are a lot of kids. Or use it for a party favor, GAG gift,
Category: Toys
Price: 2.9900
item updated: 06/27/2022

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