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5 Matches for ' Tents '  from KA Swords

KA Swords 1-866-203-0612
Rustic Pyramid Hand Forged Iron Nails
"Our new Rustic Pyramid Hand Forged Iron Nails can be used on Gates, Doors, Fences, Furniture, Cabinets and more. They are tapered down and perfect for tacking down TENTS and being used as tie downs when camping. The head of these hand forged nails are shaped like a short pyramid. These iron nails f
Category: Medieval Goods
Price: 12.49
item updated: 07/29/2022
Simple Campsite Prep Wooden Axe
"This axe is great as it is not too big and not too small to get the job done.  Camping is quite enjoyable but we all know that setting up camp is hard work.  First, there is building shelter.  Whether you are building a shelter from scratch or setting up TENTS this bad boy can help b
Category: Themes
Price: 24.99
item updated: 07/29/2022
Set of 10 Medieval Renaissance Hand Forged Star Shaped Nails
"These hand-forged iron nails are as strong and sturdy as can be and ideal for re-creating Medieval camp or home life- they are perfect either for using to pitch a TENT or to tie anything down. Featuring a 1 inch wide star-shaped head, the nails are each 3 inches long and are tapered towards the tip
Category: Gifts & Novelties
Price: 10.79
item updated: 07/29/2022
Viking Hammerhead Battle Axe
"This axe is constructed with an all wood handle and steel blade with a stone finish.  The poll is a hammer for driving TENT stakes or any other items in the ground. There is a flat square nail that you will need to drive in the top out the handle. Overall length is 22.50 inches."
Category: Themes
Price: 15.99
item updated: 07/29/2022
Full Tang Evergreen Outdoor Hatchet
"When working around camp it is always best to have a hatchet at your disposal.  They are great for gathering wood, chopping down swamp cabbage, and hammer down TENT stakes.  The eye catcher you see here is made from carbon steel with a full tang construction.  The head has a rough st
Category: Outdoor Gear
Price: 16.99
item updated: 07/29/2022

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