Beijing Liuyinge Handcraft Firm

25 Building No.411yuquaobeili
Tongzhou, Beijing 101100


Welcome to our website. Here, you can see many exquisite Chinese handicrafts. There are cloisonne Christmas decoration, gifts, jewelry, as well as inside-painted glass Christmas balls.

Our firm was founded in 2003, engaged in cloisonne and inside-painted products. For small quantities and many varieties of the users, our stores have a lot of off-the-shelf products. Substantial order for the customers, we have adopted a way of orders availability. If you are a customer has special needs, we will specially design for your product.

For customers of small quantities, we through DHL, UPS and other express company, use the door-to-door delivery method; Substantial orders for customers, we cooperate with us Import and Export Corporation, using the normal import and export trade.

  • Use of our adroit hands, decorate the beauty of life
  • An exquisite gift, a good mood


Supplier Type: Manufacturer

Price Point: Midrange

Minimum Order: Different merchandise, the minimum order requirements are different.

Sample Packs: Yes
If you agree to pay the freight, we can provide some free samples.