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  Item # Description Price Unit
00043 Lamb's Wool Socks
Lamb's Wool Socks is a mixture of Wool and stock yarn. These are fresh and first quality stock. Total Qty = 690 Doz Total Cases = 46 Doz per case = 15 2 Pair Pack
6.00 Dozen
000048 Men's Thermal Tube Socks Wool Blend
Thermal Tube Socks are a best buy for the upcoming season. Leading towards great sales at your wholesale stores. This items is made up of mix stock yarn. Attractive packaging with french autumn design "Chaleaur".
6.50 Dozen
0031 Neon Work Socks
We have these neon Work Socks available mostly in 2 colors assorted. These are made up of stock yarn mixture and practical for day to day wear plus fashionable too.
6.00 Dozen
000043 One Pair Tag Wool Socks Irr
We have these one pair tag wool socks assorted colors and slightly irregular. Total Doz = 1184 Total Cases = 74 All assorted colors 16 Doz in a case
5.00 Dozen
WKH0019 Warm Knit Hat
Warm Knit Hat is an avg quality Winter Hats available in New Jersey. Made of mixture of stock yarn. Mostly colors available are in malt shades. Total Qty = 690 Doz Total Cases = 46 15 Doz a case All colors assorted
5.50 Dozen
00058 Wool boot Socks
We have these Wool Boot Socks made up of mix stock yarn. These are comfortable and ready to use for day to day outgoings. We have only one color in this article. General attractive packaging with no trademarks or selling authority required.
*6.00 Dozen

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