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Lighters :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
030-00005 3 Tier display Carousel (144ct)
Tier Display Carousel (holds 36 vials up to 15 ml) Here's a great way to display a lot of essential oils in a small space.
1.00 1
030-00039 Mossy Oak Lighter
windproof lighters windproof; utility lighters utility
0.50 1
030-00081 Shock Pistol Lighters..
Style Electric Shock Butane Torch Lighter with Red Laser Light (3 x LR44) from DealExtreme
3.00 1
030-00100 Ignite Elite USB Lighter 10ct
Ignite Elite - Rechargeable USB Flameless Lighter: Health & Personal Care.
7.20 1
030-00111 Trailer Park Zombie Lighters
Comes 50ct. per display and 20 displays per case.
1.00 1
030-01033 USB Lighter with clear/neon mix color 18pc display
USB lighter with clear mix color
3.00 1
030-01053 Plastic Angel Torch Lighters 20pc per display
Windproof Blue Butane Jet Torch Lighter w / Keychain
2.00 1
030-01100 Homie Zombie Lighter 50ct
Clipper Assorted Holiday Design Lighter Display. Comes 50ct. per display and 20 displays per case.
50.00 1
030-02083 USB Rechargeable Metal Lighter 12pc display blk/gray asst
USB Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter
72.00 1
030-04811 camo design lighter 50 count
Camo Design Disposable Lighter Counter Display, With Header, Step Easy To Use Child Resistant Ignition With Adjustable Flame.
50.00 1
  030-05800 Buckwear Beer lighter 50ct
Vintage Zippo Bud Light Lighter.
50.00 1
030-06216 Bonz Camo (3 Tier)
New Lighters from Halpern Import Company in Vista Colors and Bonz Camo. Next_lighters_vista
1.00 1
030-06228 Hi Viz Next Camo (3Tier)
a new-style vent rib, adjustable comb system,
1.00 1
030-07531 .99 Cent Ligher..
A very convenient lighter.
0.60 1
030-10680 Bottle opener lighter 50ct
A lack of a bottle opener can ruin any party. Unless, of course, you know how to wield a lighter in its stead.
12.50 1
030-21106 Zodiac projection lighters 48ct
Packing Information: Each display contains 12 different designs,
48.00 1
030-41850 Ronson 50 ct ea.. part of 3 tier display 150ct
touch tip lighter lighter vintage lighter varaflame table lighter sterling lighter touch tip vintage table lighter rowenta lighter crown collectables lighters.
0.75 1
030-43515 Jetlite 12 unit display lighters
Jetlite are perfect for capturing those last minute impulse buys
12.00 1
030-60006 Reg Bic Disp Lighters
Bic Mini Small Size Lighters Store Counter top rack in .
1.00 1
030-60267 Mini Bic Lighters
Long-lasting; Comfortable to use; Pre-adjusted flame
0.75 1
030-72368 Nulite Tall Lighters Asst 50ct
Mini Electronic Lighter Nulite novelty lighters Electronic refillable butane .
25.00 1
030-85696 Top Light Electronic Refillable LED Lighter 50ct
Electronic Refillable Gas Lighter With LED
20.00 1
030-85700 Revolver Lighter 6 per box
Pistol Gun Shaped Refillable Torch Lighter With Adjustable Flame & Red LED
24.00 1
030-87224 Flex BBQ Lighter
This lighter comes with a flexible stem for those hard to reach places.
1.50 1