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Wholesale of Airsoft, Tactical Gear, Pocket Knife, Sunglasses
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  Item # Description Price Unit
2112-A3 Spring Airsoft Pistol with Silencer & Safety Glasses
Spring Airsoft pistol with silencer & safety glasses. Shoot 220 FPS with 0.12G BB. ABS plastic construction. Gun length: 8 inch. Push button release magazine. Mag. cap. 15 round.
3.95 each
2112-B3 Spring Airsoft Pistol with Silencer, Fake Scope, & Red Laser
Plastic spring Airsoft pistol with silencer, fake scope, & red laser. Shoot 200 FPS with 0.12G BB. ABS plastic construction. Gun length: 8 inch. Push button release magazine. Mag. cap. 15 round.
6.95 each
2122-B3 Spring Airsoft Pistol w/Silencer, Fake Scope, & Red Laser
Plastic cocking spring Airsoft pistol with silencer, fake scope, & red laser. Shoot 200 FPS with 0.12G BB. ABS plastic construction. Gun length: 8 inch. Push button release magazine. Mag. cap. 13 round.
7.95 each
8904A Thompson M1A1 Spring Rifle with a Scople & a Flashlight
Spring rifle: Replica of Thompson M1A1 machine gun. faux wood color. Comes with a lighted ACOG scope & a flashlight. Shoot 335 FPS w/0.12G BB. Made of polymer. Length of gun 32 inch.
19.95 each
CA-302BN Nylon Body Armor Plate Carrier Tactical Vest
Nylon body armor, plate carrier. One size fits most, adjustable shoulder, waist Velcro strap. Max. waist size up to 46 in. Plate compartment at front & back with Velcro flaps. Two dummy plates included. Front plate 10 X 12, Back plate 10 x 13 inch.
29.95 each
CA-349BN Vertical Shoulder Holster Right Hand Draw
Nice quality shoulder holster with two magazine pouches. Fit most popular pistols. Has strap to secure to tactical utility belt. Constructed with durable nylon with abrasion resistance. With adjustable shoulder harness.
12.95 each
CA-883BN LT Light Weight Plate Carrier Sapi plate Carrier
Light weight nylon Sapi plate carrier. One size fits most. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps with Velcro. Max. waist size up to 50 in. Plate compartment at front & back with Velcro flaps. Fit medium Sapi plate size bottom 10 inch, top 7 inch, height 11.5 inch
22.00 each
G193-CO2-Gun-Metal WELL Full Metal Compact 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol
WELL CO2 blowback metal pistol compact 1911 style, gun metal color. Shoot at 350 FPS with 0.2G BB. Gun length 7.5 Inch. Metal magazine loads 14 round bbs.
68.00 each
G196-CO2 Well WWII Mauser CO2 Blowback Metal Airsoft Pistol
Well CO2 Mauser Metal Airsoft guns. This Mauser Airsoft gun utilizes a 12 gram CO2 cartridge as power source. It has semi-auto firing capabilities so you do not have to cock and pull for every shot. shoot 350 FPS/0.2G BB. 15 round bb magazine.
66.00 each
GC01 Aluminium Pistol Case
Aluminum pistol case with key lock, soft egg carton Foam padding. Size: 10" X 7" X 3"
*14.50 each
GE3307 Golden Eagle (JG) Metal 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol Tan Color
Golden Eagle (JG) metal gas blow-back 1911 pistol with adjustable hop-up. Shoot at 300 FPS/0.2g BB. Metal magazine load 24 round BB. Gun length 8 1/2 inch.
65.00 each
GL2P Polymer Paddle Holster Right Hand for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31
This polymer paddle holster is a great quality, durable holster. Molded polymer body give excellent retention without the need for an external safety strap. The paddle has molded protrusions which will fit under your belt. Holster is riveted to the paddle for a more secure hold.
9.95 each
GS11 Battery Lighted Crosshair Scope
Double Eagle battery lighted cross hair scope with built in rail mounting system. Plastic construction. Battery for lighted cross-hair is included.
*3.65 each
HG-131B HFC Gas Revolver Semi Auto Airsoft Pistol
Revolver style gas metal Airsoft pistol. Feature realistic rotating revolver wheel, and 6 single shot shells. this 6 round shooter propells airsoft bbs at 300 feet per second. Gun length 9.2 Inch.
45.00 each
HK-2262000 Ruger P345 CO2 Semi-auto Pistol
Umarex CO2 semi-auto Ruger P345 Pistol. Made in Taiwan. Shoot strong at 380 FPS/0.2G BB. It has metal slide, polymer body. Built in rail. It also features comfortable ergonomic grip. Drop off clip loads 15 round BBs.
38.95 each
HK-2275052 HK MP5 metal gearbox AEG (A5&A4) w/full stock & collapsible stock
HK MP5 metal gearbox AEG (A5&A4)-includes both full stock and a collapsible A5 style stock. Metal gearbox, compatible with Tokyo Marui internal parts. High strength polymer body. The A4 full rear stock allows use for any kind of battery tamiya connectors. Battery & charger not included.
179.00 each
HK-2279706 Umarex Tactical Force 6XP CO2 Blowback Pistol
Umarex Tactical force CO2 Power blow-back Airsoft Pistol. Made in Taiwan. Metal slide and internal, Polymer body. Shoot at 325 FPS with 0.2G bb. Magazine capacity 14 round.
59.95 each
LTX-50B Lantical Tactical Metal Cobra 1911 CO2 Blowback Pistol
Cobra 1911 CO2 metal blowback Airsoft pistol from Lancer Tactical. It has metal slide and body, plastic hand grip. Powered by a 12 gram Co2 cartridge, which is housed within the pistol grip. Shoot 340 FPS/0.2G BB.
65.00 each
M83B2 Double Eagle M4/AR15 Style Full Auto Electric Rifle with
DE M16/M4 AR-15 Style electric rifle. Comes with adjustable metal laser. flash light, cross hair scope. silencer, 7.2V battery & charger, quick BB loader, clearing rod, fixed gun stock. Shoot strong at 240 FPS.
54.00 each
M900A High Power AK47 Airsoft Electric Gun 300 FPS/0.2G BB
Metal & Polymer AK47 high power electric gun with version 3 polymer gearbox. Shoot at 300 FPS with 0.2G BB. Metal inner & external barrel, metal 350 round bbs magazine. Polymer body. Come with a 8.4V rechargeable battery and charger.
85.00 each
MW25EM15T3 Scope Mounting Ring 1" Diameter with 20 mm Weaver Rail
Set of two scope Mounting ring 1" Diameter with 20 mm Weaver Rail on one unit.
*4.95 each
P1308 Two Spring Pistol Combo, Large Mauser Pistol with 2 Magazines
Two spring pistol combo. One large full scale Mauser pistol two 2 magazines and one small pistol. Length of Mauser pistol is 12 inch. Smaller gun length is 6.5 inch.
9.50 each
P788S Pistol Grip Pump Action Shot Gun Two Tone
Pistol grip pump action shot gun with strong spring. Shoot hard up to 260 FPS. Top gravity load bb of 20 round. Gun length 27".
13.50 each
PDSS-220 Puff Dino 220 ML High viscosity of 5000 Cp Silicone Lube Spray
Puff Dino Silicone Lube Spray use high viscosity of 5000 cp to provide a good amount of lubrication. No strong solvent is added, safe to use on rubber and metal material. Heat resistant to withstand constant movement of parts.
8.50 each
R1911P Polymer Paddle Holster Right Hand for 1911 Pistol
This polymer paddle holster is of excellent quality. Molded polymer body give excellent retention without the need for an external safety strap. The paddle has molded protrusions which will fit under your belt. Holster is riveted to the paddle for a more secure hold.
9.95 each
R4BC Battery Charger for R4, R2 Metal Gearbox AEG
Battery charger for R2, R4 metal gearbox electric gun.
4.50 each
ST01 Sticky Target
Bullets adhere to the target then drop into the tray. Target can hold up to 100 BB?s. If bullet can not be adhered to the rubber pad after some time use, just wash it with soap or detergent, will become as adhesive as a new one.
*3.50 each
ST111-12 Ambidextrous Covert Holster for Small Pistol Size 12
Ambidextrous Covert Holster for small pistol. Has loops on each side for right & left side mount, has Velcro retention strap. It is made of durable polyester with PVC coating. Compact design and lightweight material make it great for concealed carrying of small pistols.
3.80 each
ST206M Deluxe Tactical Vest Plate Carrier Camo
Tactical Quick Release Chest Rig. It has 3 M4 magazine pouches, molle utility pouch, molle pistol mag. flashlight pouch. Built in rip cord for rapid "debriefing". Size of plate can be inserted into the vest: front, 10X13 back 11X15 inch.
28.00 each
ST26T Deluxe Tactical Vest w/Holster, Pouches, Pistol Belt Tan Colo
Well crafted deluxe tactical vest with many holsters, pouches, belt and more features to hold guns, magazines, knifes, ammo/BB/paintballs. 15 pcs/case.
28.00 each
ST29B Concealed Ankle Holster
Concealed Ankle holster with double layer of rubber band to hide compact pistol.
3.80 each
ST30B Consealed Belly Band Pistol Holster
The 5" wide elastic band wrap around your belly, hidden under your shirt. It can carry most pistols. Can carry two pistols & one spare magazine at both side. It fit waist size from 28"-40". It is strong enough to be worn as a chest wrap to give a little help when lifting weight.
8.50 each
ST43QB High quality knee pads for Airsoft & outdoor Sports
Great quality knee pads for Airsoft, skateboard, biking, & extreme outdoor sports. Constructed with durable nylon with hard rubber cap for extra impact protection. Adjustable elastic strap for easy wearing and is comfortable to fit all sizes
*7.50 each
ST5001 Camo Duct Tape 10 M X 5 CM Aprox. 33 Feet X 2 Inch
Camouflange duct tape 10M X5 CM Aprox.33 feet X 2 Inch. General purpose duct tape with strong adhesive and cloth backing, Tears from the roll easily. Use for hunting, color coding, decorating and repairing. Apply to clean, dry surface.
*1.75 each
ST53B Law enforcement duty belt
Complete module duty belt for law enforcement, military personnel, security guard, & sport enthusiast. It has quick release buckle, dual magazine pouches, phone/glove case, radio case, handcuff case, baton case, flashlight case, key holder & pistol holster. Fully adjustable from 35?-42?.
19.95 each
ST8002 Metal Adjustable Laser
Metal adjustable laser. Difference with LA30 is this unit has a plastic Mounting bracket.
*4.95 each
ST97 Combat Duty Leather Glove
Good quality combat duty leather glove. For medium & large size.
7.50 each
WC-304B WG 1911 Style CO2 Non-Blowback Pistol
WG CO2 Non-blowback 1911 Pistol. Shoot 400-500 FPS. Polymer body & slide. Comes with a 15 round bbs capacity metal clip. Semi auto firing. Gun length: 9". Made in Taiwan.
35.00 each