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We are manufacturer of detergent sheet that all of the water in washing liquid is removed by super concentration nanotechnology to form efficient washing products. Easy to store,easy to use, easy to carry as well as transport, just load in paper boxes.No need plastic container.100% biodegradable including package.
The cleaning force of our detergent sheet is 6 times of normal washing liquid, since it contains a variety of active molecules to fight stubborn stains and odors, quickly dissolve in water as cold as 10 degree Celsius. BV22716, ISO9001,SGS,MSDS certificate preserved.
A piece of 11*14 cm, weight 4 grams for example, can wash 3 kg clothes.
We also produce infant detergent sheet,detergent sheet for wool clothes, Scent booster beats, Floor cleaning sheet, Color absorbing sheet, Dish washing sheet, Fabric softner dryer sheet, etc.  Color, sheet size, thickness, fragrance and package all can customize. We provide OEM service to our customer including formula design and package design.

 Laundry sheet feature:
1. Deep clean: with nano concentration technology, a variety of active molecules effectively remove stubborn stains.
2. Fast dissolving: dissolves in hot and cold water, ensuring better washing effect and is environmentally friendly.
3. Gentle and soft: the pH is close to neutral, will not irritate hands.

Properties of our washing products:
1. Hypoallergenic
2. Free of phosphates and parabens
3. No added colorants
4. Chlorine and dioxane free
5. Biodegradable (zero waste)
6. Vegan: no animals have been used for production or testing

  • Dissolvable detergent sheet
  • Eco-friendly
  • Super condensed
  • Deep cleaning
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Biodegradable fabric softner dryer sheet
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Plastic free
  • Zero waste
  • Cruelty free
  • No mess
  • Space saver
Laundry detergent sheet/paper
Laundry detergent sheet/paper

Super condensed laundry detergent sheet,laundry paper, OEM order acceptable,we provide formulla design and package design.sheet size:11*14cm,3-4g per sheet,one sheet can wash 3kg clothes.

Detergent sheet / paper
Detergent sheet / paper

Super condensed detergent sheet,detergent paper, sheet size: 11*14cm ,3-4g per sheet,one sheet can wash 3kg clothes,loaded in paper box.Customize on logo,formula and package.

2 chamber detergent pods / beads
2 chamber detergent pods / beads

Detergent pods, beads,liquid + powder , or customize formula and color.

Scent booster
Scent booster

Scent booster in fragrance of Jasmine, long lasting fragrance in your clothes.200g per bag. please choose a package style under package department.

3chamber laundry pods
3chamber laundry pods

3 chamber laundry pods, detergent liquid + scent booster+ bacteriostasis , customize formula, fuction, fragrance, color. package.  

Floor cleaning sheet
Floor cleaning sheet

Super condensed floor cleaning sheet, 11*7cm, frargrance, color, thickness, sheet size,formula, package all can be customize on buyer's requirement.


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