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Lighter Accessories :

  • Butane Refill
  • Display Shelf
  • Table Decorator & Ashtray

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    40-81MOK * NEW * MOSSY OAK Portable Ashtray Pouch
    * NEW * MOSSY OAK Portable Ashtray Pouch. 10Ct./Display 200Ct./Master Case. Easily put out cigarettes,Fit in pocket, Block odor,& Reusable. All conscientious smokers would have a convenient, stylish, and inexpensive way to manage their stubs without mess or odor.
    *12.00 Display of 10
    90-12 *Popular* 60ml. Lighter Butane Gas Refill
    Butane gas, universal gas lighter refill, 1 bottle contents 60 ml.; FedEx HazMat Fee $33.00 will be applied. 24 Ct./Box; 288 Ct./Case; Shipping promotion does not apply to this item.
    *28.00 Box of 24
    Display-DL Cardboard WINLITE Display Rack
    3 tiers display racks for displaying 50 Ct. electronic lighters. (Lighters are not included.) Assembly required. 1ct/inner box. 20ct/case. Case Wt: 15LB. Case Dims: 20"x13"x6"
    5.00 each
    DISPLAY-DT EAGLE TORCH® 3-tier cardboard display rack
    EAGLE TORCH® 3-tier cardboard display rack for displaying EAGLE TORCH lighters. (Lighters are not included.) Assembly required. 1ct/inner box. 20ct/case. Case Wt: 20LB. Case Dims: 20"x14"x6"
    6.00 each
    40-81ET EAGLE TORCH® Portable Ashtray Pouch
    EAGLE TORCH® Portable Ashtray Pouch, 10Ct/Display 200Ct/Case. Case Wt: 7LB, Case Dims: 18"x9"x7". NOT VALID FOR SHIPPING PROMOTION.
    *12.00 Box of 10
    90-11 LAL Brand Mini Lighter Butane Gas Refill
    18 ml. Mini Refill Butane. 20Ct./Display. 600Ct./Case. Case Wt: 48LB. Case Dims: 24"x14"x12". This item is not valid for any online deal or promotion. Restricted Return Policy. Please call for detail.**SHIPPING PROMOTION DOES NOT APPLY.**
    *12.00 box of 20
    Display- E Large Display Rack (Orange/ Gray)
    Large Display Rack which can hold most of both Novelty and Electronic lighters, Dimensions: 5.2 x 8.35, 3 Tiers (Lighters are not included)Assembly required.
    9.99 each
    *** Offer does not apply to all states. Some restrictions and shipping regulations do apply. For more information,Please call 1-800-499-4708***

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