Munay Ki Peru Sac

Calle General Orbegoso 437
Lima, Lima 15083
Phone: +51923272835
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Family business created in 2014 in Lima, Peru. Our life experience took us along the Amazonian Andean spiritual path, to the practice and use of different holistic and mystical products from this energy zone of our planet. We offer products made from the wood of fallen Palo Santo trees. When burned, the wood transforms into a beneficial, rich and spiritual white smoke, which will cleanse us of bad energies. Offering Palo Santo sticks, oil, incense, beads and hand carved figurines.

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  • High quality
  • Sustainable
  • No chemicals or additives
  • Reforestation project
  • Organic
  • Native from Peru
  • Raw material collected from fallen trees


Supplier Type: Distributor, Manufacturer, Wholesaler

Price Point: Upscale

Minimum Order: 60 kg in bulk, 500 pc's private labeling

Payment Accepted: T/T, C /D CARDS

Sample Packs: YES


 The best supplier of Palo Santo quality from Peru.