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  Item # Description Price Unit
Hat-3 100 % Wool Watch Cap
Cuff style 100% wool watch cap , 100 % Made In USA
* 5.00 Dozen
leg-1C 100% acrylic fiber 18 Inch long leg warmers,
Made of 100% acrylic fiber these leg warmers are approx 18 inches long and 31/2 inches wide. $2.00 per pair Fits children and small adults . 6 pair to a bag , assorted colors
* 2.50 pair
YY55 100% Acrylic fiber fingerless glove
Keep your hand warm and fingers free with this acrylic fiber fingerless glove. Elastic extended cuff. MADE IN USA . Bagged in assorted colors.
* 3.00 pair
leg-1 100% acrylic fiber leg warmers
100% acrylic fiber leg warmers 22 inches long assorted colors MADE IN USA
* 4.00 Pair
Leg-3 100% Acrylic fiber legwarmer with metalic knitted in
100% Acrylic fiber leg warmers with either metalic colors kntted in.
* 4.00 pair
MM5X 100% acrylic fiber mittens
American made 100% acrylic fiber mittens. Red, Black, Grey, Navy and Green, White, Maroon Sizes ages 3 to 6, ages 7 to 10, Ladies and Mens
* 3.50 6 pair
Leg-6 100% acrylic fiber rib knit leg warmer
100% acrylic fiber 22 inches long . Bagged 6 pair assorted colors
* 4.00 pair
Toddler Mitten 100% Brushed acrylic toddler mitterns
Assorted colors to the dozen. Soft brushed acrylic fiber
15.00 dozen
YY55W Acrylic Chenille Fingerless Glove
100% Acrylic fiber Chenille knit fingerless glove
* 3.25 Pair
arm-1 Acrylic fiber arm warmer
Fingerless hand with elastic wrist arm warmer. 17 inches long-covers over the elbow.
* 6.00 pair
M55X acrylic fiber glove
100% acrylic fiber glove. Made in USA. Sizes Ages 3 to 6, 7 to 12, Ladies and Mens. Only $ 3.50 per pair Colors Black, Navy, Red, Green, Charcoal, White, Brown, Royal Blue
* 3.50 pair
LMM02 Acrylic Fiber Mittens In School Colors
100% acrylic fiber mitten with our NewTec polyester seamless knit lining. All made in the USA.
* 8.50 pair
Leg-1BW Brushed Acrylic Leg Warmer
100% Acrylic Fiber brushed for extra softness 22 Inches long
* 4.00 pairs
WWM Brushed Acrylic Wrist Warmers
100% Acrylic fiber brushed with a Mohair Look. Wrist warmer is a full fingerless glove with elastic wrist.
* 4.00 pair
ND-D Driving Glove
wool blend driving glove with leather
* 9.00 bag of 24 pr.
100% Acrylic fiber knit hats.Assorted darker colors. Can be worn as a beanie style or cuff style hat.
* 2.00 each
hat-5W Flame Orange hat
100% acrylic fiber Flame Orange heavy weight
27.00 dozen
h101 Hockey Hat Special
100% Acrylic fiber, Made in USA Heavier weight hockey hat
* 1.50 box of 60
style N Khaki wool gloves
70% wool 30% nylon glove
27.00 12 pair
B2DW Mens 100% Wool fingerless glove
100% Wool fingerless knit glove with Deerskin patch palm. Double insulated cuff. Great for texting. One Size for men.
* 10.00 pair
NW Military knit wool glove lining
70% wool 30% nylon military spec. knit glove linings
* 2.75 Dozen
MM1 Mittens For The Homneless
Special production of 70% wool, 30% polyester knit mittens. in Rogue Heather Red. Perfect for charities and groups trying to help the homeless and those less fortunate. $2.00 per pair
* 2.00 dozen
Leg-5 Multi stripe acrylic leg warmers
100% acrylic fiber Multi color stripes 18 inches long
* 2.75 pairs
V V polypropylene knit glove lining
100% polypropylene knit glove lining. Colors, Black, Navy Sizes Small,Medium or Large Wicks away moisture and keeps your hands warm and dry.
* 2.75 Pair
B2D-Assorted Rag Wool Texting Gloves
Rag Wool Fingerless gloves with genuine Deerskin Plam
* 6.00 Dozen
B2X ragg wool fingerless glove
85% wool, 15% nylon ragg wool fingerless glove Color is Oatmeal,Hunter Green, Charcoal, Ski Red or Olive. Sizes are Small, Medium, Large
* 6.50 6 pair
B2D Ragg wool fingerless glove with deerkin palm
85% wool, 15% nylon ragg wool glove with deerskin palm.
* 7.00 6 pair
G Ragg wool glove with Deerskin Palm
85% wool, 15% nylon knit ragg wool glove with Genuine deerskin leather palm. One Size for Women or One Size for Men.Please call for additional colors.
* 10.00 pair
M332PD Ragg wool glove with Newtech lining and deerkin palm
85% wool 15% nylon rag wool knit glove with 100% seamless knit boucle' lining and GENUINE deerskin leather palm.Pre assorted colors , by size
* 13.33 6 pair
MM32PD1 Ragg wool mitten with Newtech lining and Deerskin palm,
85% wool 15% nylon outer mitten with seamless knit boucle lining and Deerskin leather palm.
* 15.00 Pair
A2XCT The Newberry Glomitt
Made from 85% wool , 15 % nylon .
* 7.00 6
Y wool fingerless glove
70% wool, 30% nylon wool fingerless gloves Colors are Black or Olive or Grey. Sizes are Small, Medium or Large
* 3.75 6 Pair
n-Black wool glove
70% wool,30% nylon Black glove Sizes Small, Medium, Large Made in the USA
* 3.00 dozen
M332 Wool,Nylon ragg Wool Glove
85% wool, 15% nylon ragg wool glove Mens one Size or Ladies One Size
* 6.00 6 Pair

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