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Nookums is the creator of Paci-Plushies, which are pacifier holders & teethers. This innovative design reduces the stress of searching for lost pacifiers and makes finding them easy! They come in a wide range of plush animals and blankets that can be attached to pacifiers and teethers.

Each Paci-Plushie includes a Nookums Pacifier that detaches from the animal for easy replacement & sanitation. Paci-Plushies are compatible with most but not all pacifiers.

  • Easy to Hold & Use
  • Works with Most Brand Name Pacifiers
  • Otherworldly Customer Service
  • Unique Designs


Supplier Type: Distributor

Price Point: Midrange

Minimum Order: $180

Payment Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Sample Packs: No


 Awesome alternative to a wubbanub! I love it because I can change out the pacifier regularly and keep it fresh without replacing the lovey too and upsetting my little one. The plushy is great quality too and super cute. I use it with the Avent Soothies and it's just like a Wubbanub only far more economical and convenient. A+"