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Item # Description

Minimum Order: $100.00

903. Leather Key Pouch
This Snap Leather Key Pouch has a metal spring frame at the top so when you squeeze the sides, the top opens. There is a lace inside with an attached key ring that allows easy access to your keys while keeping them attached to the pouch. This is a nice way to keep your keys from damaging your pockets or purse contents or even from poking you when they are inside your pocket. All our Leather Key pouches are made in USA with durable, high quality leather to ensure our products last.

*Top Grain Leather
*Metal spring frame
*Attached lace with key ring inside

*3 " wide at the top
*3 " W in the pouch part
*Pouch part is 3" H
*Just under 4" H total length

Colors Available: Assorted (Assorted may include colors not listed), Black Leather, Brown Leather, Burgundy Leather, Navy Leather, Green Leather, Red Leather, Purple Leather, and Tan Leather (Shades and textures of leather may vary from picture)