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  This Page is for Wholesale Clients who plan to RESELL our products-

 If you're interested in ordering for your personal use please visit our

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North Star Leather Company Inc.
P.O. Box 307
Ruby, South Carolina 29741 United States
Toll-Free: 800-338-7637
Phone: 843-634-6262, Fax: 843-634-6961

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Item # Description

Minimum Order: $85.00

ID Cases & Money Clips :

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

  Item # Description Price Unit
115 Leather Magnetic Money Clip
This made in USA magnetic Leather Money Clip has thin magnets covered in Leather to hold bills securely.
* 4.75 each
115snk Rattlesnake Skin Magnetic Money Clip
With Rattlesnake skin, we add some extra style to this popular leather money clip. It has magnets cover with leather to hold bills securely. Made in USA
15.00 Each
116 Leather Money Clip with Card Pockets
This leather money clip has a wire clip on the inside for bills, and has 2 pockets on the outside for cards. Made in USA
* 5.00 Each
116DLX Deluxe Money Clip With Card Pockets
This NEW Deluxe Money Clip features an antique metal spring money clip bar attached to hold bills securely and two outside credit card pockets.
7.00 Each
117 Leather ID Card Case
Our leather ID Case has a plastic window for a driver's license on one side, and a pocket on the other for credit or business cards. Made in USA
* 4.75 Each
117D Leather ID or Card Case with Double Windows
This leather ID case has two plastic windows for ID's. Its perfect if you need a leather ID case for a student ID & Driver's license. Made in USA.
* 5.25 each
117Dseconds Double ID case Seconds
We're offering seconds on our Double ID case. These are mostly "cosmetic" Seconds- Odd colors/finishes, marks, sewing imperfections Etc. Made in USA.
2.50 Each
117M Leather Case for Government ID
This leather government ID case has two windows designed to hold a Government ID. This is also the type of leather ID case to hold a larger Inspector's ID. Made in USA
* 6.75 Each
117MD Leather Medical Directive Case
Our Leather Medical Directive Case has a Sturdy Leather construction with clear plastic window for your medical instructions and one leather pocket for cards. Made in USA
* 5.00 Each
118 Leather Money Clip
Our Basic Leather Money Clip has a pocket on the inside that can hold credit cards. Made in USA
* 4.00 Each
118D Double Leather Money Clip
This Double Leather Money Clip has two metal clips to separate bills and has one inside pocket that holds credit cards. Made in USA
* 4.75 Each
119 Leather Business Card Case
Our Leather Business Card Case adds a touch of class to the way you carry your business cards. Made in USA
* 4.25 Each
150 Leather Money-Clip Case
This Leather Money Clip Wallet has three pockets for credit cards, and a clip to hold money with a leather flap on one side. Made in USA
* 7.50 Each
150W Leather Money-Clip ID Case with ID window
This Leather Money Clip Wallet has an ID window, two card pockets and a metal clip to hold bills securely. Made in USA
* 7.75 Each
150Wsnk Rattlesnake Skin Money Clip Wallet
Make a Statement with our real Rattlesnake skin leather money clip wallet. It holds bills on one side with a clip and on the other side it has a window for ID. It also has two pockets for cards. Made in USA
22.00 Each
151 Leather ID and Card Case
This Leather ID Case Wallet has three pockets for credit cards and a clear window for an ID. Made in USA
* 7.25 Each
152 Leather Credit Card Sheath
This handy little Leather Credit Card Sheath is great to hold and protect your ID, and credit cards. Made in USA
2.75 Each
511 Leather Badge holder
This Leather Badge Holder is ideal for officials who frequently have to show ID to enter secured areas. It easily clips to a shirt pocket or pants. Made in USA
6.00 Each
521C iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 Leather Card Sleeve
NEW! Try our made in USA iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 Leather Sleeve with Card Pocket
7.50 Each
530 Leather Hidden Passport Holder
Our Hidden Leather Passport Holder loops on the buckle end of the belt and lets you hide your passport and money discretely inside your clothes. Made in USA
5.00 Each
531 Leather Hidden Money Holder
Our Leather Hidden Money Holder loops on the buckle end of the belt and lets you hide your money and other valuables discretely inside your clothes. Made in USA
4.00 Each
532 Leather Passport Wallet
This Leather Passport wallet was designed with travelers in mind. With this leather passport wallet you can carry your passport, credit cards, cash, and other valuables all in one place. Our Leather Passport wallet is made in USA with quality leather that would last years of use.
12.50 Each