NorthStar Puzzle Company

1100 Luthy Circle NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112
United States
Phone: 505-688-5035
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The NorthStar Puzzle is a low cost, 3D, innovative, educational learning brain teaser. Our wholesale to retail profit margin is generally around 50% depending on your chosen retail pricing. The attractive display box of 50, stands alone on a rack or counter. Customers can easily see the product and choose from the three different colors (red, yellow, purple).

  • Develops hands-on, problem-solving skills
  • Very large profit-margin
  • Great gift item
  • Perfect for toy and educational stores
The NorthStar Puzzle
The NorthStar Puzzle

An imaginative and interactive 3D brain teaser puzzle. It's both a learning tool and a constructive, interactive game that brings kids together.


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