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Millions of $$$ recovered!!! We analyze and track your amazon sales, inventory and returns, making sure you get the reimbursements you deserve! Servicing all Amazon markets around the world.

  • Quarterly Seller Central Inventory Audits
  • Ongoing (& Historic) Vendor Central Inventory Audits
  • Thorough - No $ left behind!
  • Team of in-house analysts (no outsourcing, bots, VAs, etc)
  • All Amazon markets audited- Globally!
  • Seller Central Audit Goal (Account for every unit in your FBA inventory ensuring it moves through the Amazon inventory lifecycle properly)
  • Vendor Central Audit Goal (Ensure every unit sold to Vendor Central is paid for, at the right price, with the correct coop fees deducted)
Seller Central Auditing
Seller Central Auditing

Roughly 3% of Amazon seller inventory goes unaccounted for. That's where Refund Sniper come in. Auditing every unit shipped into FBA! You only pay a % of successful reimbursements- That is a Win Win!

Vendor Central Auditing
Vendor Central Auditing

Our Vendor Central audits analyze your VC data ensuring that every unit sold, is paid for, at the right price, & with the correct coop fees deducted. Only pay a % of successful reimbursements-Win Win


Supplier Type: Business Service

Price Point: Midrange

Amazon FBA Supplier: Yes


 Refund Sniper was easy to work with and they only get paid if you get some money back from Amazon. Truly a no brainer!