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We are Eco-Friendly, Children-Friendly Japanese tableware manufacturer. Reale began in 2014 in Japan. Founders Hiroaki Sagara and Shuhei Tominaga wanted to create a different kind of kids' tableware - one that could benefit both families and the Earth.

The founders envisioned a cute, sustainable dish design that could help kids feel like part of the family table. Rather than harmful plastics, they made the decision to use environmentally friendly bamboo biomass.

Reale aims to create a greener future for the next generation. Bamboo biomass reduces waste significantly. Rather than plastics which are constantly disposed of, your family will enjoy our eco-friendly dishes for years to come.

Bamboo biomass contains a mixture of naturally derived raw materials. Materials include bamboo, rice, wheat, and corn. Our production uses half as much oil as traditional plastic production.

Reale launched in 2016 in Japan and Taiwan and in 2019 in the USA. Products can be found in Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, and Hong Kong.

  • Eco-Friendly, BPA-Free, Reale's tableware is made of Japanese bamboo fiber reuse material.
  • Dishwasher Safe and Microwaveable. (Without Tritan grass of Sippy cup)
  • The design was inspired by traditional European silverware.
  • Anyone from adults to a children can enjoy it.


Supplier Type: Manufacturer

Minimum Order: No minimum

Payment Accepted: Advance payment: Paypal/Payonner/Bank transfer/Credit card

Sample Packs: No


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