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Minimum Order: $100.00

Closeouts :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
One plain brown right handed 60 waist .44 caliber drop holsters. CLOSEOUT!!! $37.00 each while they last.
37.00 1
SW211C-CLOSEOUT Dark Lavender Large Cotton Serape (CLOSEOUT)
Dark lavender large cotton serape. Measures 84 x 64 inches. Color as pictured only. Have more than we need. CLOSEOUT!!! Only $10.35 while they last.
10.35 1
Double drop holster rigs 2 plain brown 32 waist .44/45, 1 tooled brown 40 waist black powder and 1 tooled black 44 waist black powder(no cartridge loops. CLOSEOUT!!! $49.95 each while they last.
48.00 1
SP104HCM Kids Size Economy Baja (CLOSEOUT)
Kids size economy Baja hoodi. Assorted colors, XL only. CLOSEOUT!!! $5.00 each while they last.
5.00 1
SW227-CLOSEOUT Large Size Black and Purple Serape (CLOSEOUT)
Large size two color serape.84 x 64 inches, 2.2 lbs. Color as pictured only. Have more than we need. CLOSEOUT!!! $11.35 while they last.
10.35 1
SW211C CLOSEOUT Light Lavender Large Cotton Serape (CLOSEOUT)
Light lavender large cotton serape. Measures 84 x 64 inches, 2.2 lbs. Color as pictured only. Have more than we need. CLOSEOUT!!! Only $10.35 while they last.
10.35 1
SW401 Light Weight Cotton Serape (CLOSEOUT)
Large size cotton serape blanket. Made from a thin cotton thread. Size 58" x 84", 1.5 lbs. CLOSEOUT!!! Only $10.25 each. Color as pictured only.
10.25 1
SL352-CLOSEOUT Natural Color Shotgun Shell Holder
Shotgun shell holder for 6 12 gauge shotgun shells. Measures 7" x 4". Slides on to a belt or gun holster rig. Natural color as pictured only. CLOSEOUT!!!. $10.30 each while they last.
10.35 1
SL307P-CLOSEOUT Plain Black Black Powder Drop Holster Rig
Plain black black powder drop holster rig. 42 waist with out shell loops. For a 6-8 inch barrel. Plain black color as pictured only. CLOSEOUT!!! $37.00 while it lasts.
27.00 1
SL307-44 34w Plain Black Drop Rig 34 Waist Plain Black
Plain black 34 waist .44/45 caliber drop rig closeout. The rigs have slight blemish in the leather but are totally functional. 3 pieces available. $34.00 each while they last.
34.00 1
SGU46 Solid Color Hair Scrunchies (CLOSEOUT)
Solid color hair scrunchies. Assorted colors, one size fits all, 100% cotton. Double twist.$1.10 EACH WHILE THEY LAST! CLOSEOUT
1.10 1
SP100P03 Tequila Baja Shirt (CLOSEOUT)
4 stages of Tequila natural color acrylic polyester cotton Baja shirt. Size M-L-XL. CLOSEOUT!! Only $7.95 each.
7.95 1
SW233 Two Color Serape Scarf (CLOSEOUT)
Two color serape scarfs. Option colors only. Measures 62 x 8 inches. 100% acrylic. $2.75 each while they last! CLOSEOUT!
2.85 1

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