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  Item # Description Price Unit
SG_IT63 3.4" Glass Chillum Pipe
3.4" Glass Chillum Pipe,weight 25-30g,assorted unit price $1.7/ea
1.20 set of 6
sg-it66 3.5" Dichroic Glass Chillum Pipe
3.5" Dichroic Glass Chillum Pipe,assorted, unit price $2.4/ea
14.40 set of 6
sg-it61 3.5" rasta Glass Chillum Pipe
3.5" rasta Glass Chillum Pipe,flat mouthpiece, unit price $1.9/ea
11.40 set of 6
SG-it60 3.5" Thick Glass Chillum Pipe
3.5" Thick Glass Chillum Pipe,flat mouthpiece, mixcolor, unit each $1.7/ea
10.20 set of 6
sg-it65 3.5" Thick Glass Chillum Pipe
3.5" Thick Glass Chillum Pipe, handmade, unit each $2.1/ea
12.60 set of 6
SG-IT62 4" Twist Glass Chillum Pipe
4" Twist Glass Chillum Pipe,25-30g, assorted color, unit price $1.6/ea
9.60 set of 6
OG-Chillum The Original OG Chillum Made in USA
Chillum Material: Glass Display size: 11.5" x 6.5" x 5" Heavy duty acrylic display Hinged lid Easy to refill Made in the USA, unit price $2.5/ea
10.00 set of 4

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