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Wholesale suppliers & retail of Leather Bags, Leather Journals, Fashion Jewelry, Silver Jewelry & Home Décor. was created to improve the lives of artisans and the sustainability of their work by connecting them with global markets in order to sell their wares under Fair Trade conditions.
Wholesale & retail shipments are shipped out of NJ.

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100% Leather Messenger Bag
100% Leather Messenger Bag

A beautiful item that will last for decades with care; this buffed leather messenger bag with buckles in the front and features numerous pockets and pouches for added convenience.

Handmade Silver Charm Necklace Wit
Handmade Silver Charm Necklace Wit

18 inch Handmade Silver & Peridot Necklace.Finely wrought silver cascades luxuriously about the neck and drips with 6 Peridot silver charms to add some extra flare to your style.

Womens Layered Beaded Necklace
Womens Layered Beaded Necklace

The perfect necklace to put on all year long.A whimsical necklace with multi colored beads. Hand loosely on two fine gold colored chains. Comfortable & Lightweight. Made using natural materials & is

5" X 4" Love Photo Frame
5" X 4" Love Photo Frame

Recycled Bicycle Chain LOVE Photo Frame. Can be placed on a table tops or hung on the wall.Strong & Sturdy with a secure back stand.Bicycle chains were broken down and refurbished to make these.

Linked Hoop Earrings For Women
Linked Hoop Earrings For Women

A pair of polished brass hoops is forever entwined to create an intriguing and elegant ornament that goes with nearly any outfit.

Women's Leather Crossbody Bag
Women's Leather Crossbody Bag

Features thick, soft leather hand treated leather, The color is given by using vegetable dye's. Enough room on the inside for your book, wallet, keys, phone & other necessities.


Supplier Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler

Price Point: Value Price

Minimum Order: 5 pcs

Payment Accepted: Credit Card, Debit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Check

Sample Packs: No


 Archimage, Rochester, NY The Fairshare is a lovely company I have enjoyed working with because they have excellent customer service. They have the largest selection of authentic Indian leather journals on the market (with hand made paper pages). We have also enjoyed selling their beautiful leather bag products, especially messenger bags, artist satchels, briefcases, as well as purses and shoulder bags. The prices for these bags are reasonable and their quality superior. We are a small family retail business and really enjoy working with other smaller businesses. I believe in fair trade practices and I believe the Fairshare does as well. I recommend the Fairshare enthusiastically and without reservation. We are constantly selling out of their products!