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Is a craft CBD company, our goal is to provide you with the best, most therapeutic experience scientifically possible. Our remedies contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, complemented by a variety of proven effective ingredients.

  • High Potency
  • Unique Extract type for EACH product
  • 80%+ Potent CBD Vapes
  • Entourage Enhancement Blend featuring Cannabimimetics from Black Pepper
  • Organic and Gently Extracted
  • Cannabis Terpenes
  • Widest Variety of Terpenes from Incredible Variety of Botanical Sources
Elevate Tincture CBD CBG and CBC
Elevate Tincture CBD CBG and CBC

The Elevate specialty Tincture combined CBD, CBG and CBC to elevate mood, aid in focus, reduce stress and inflammation. Flavored with natural anti-inflammatory birch oil. Forever a fan favorite.

Relief CBD Vape CBG+CBN
Relief CBD Vape CBG+CBN

The Relief Vape cartridge features CBD, CBG and CBN which instantaneously act to reduce inflammation, discomfort, relax the body, quiet the mind and allow you to settle down. Feel the relief today.

Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules
Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules

The Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules feature endo-cannabinoid stimulating endogenous amides. They help with inflammation, focus, and to enhance the effects of any cannabinoid they are paired with.

Tincture Sleep Set
Tincture Sleep Set

The Tincture Sleep Set Features our Sleep Tincture, Slumber Powder and Relax Capsules. This combination ensures you fall asleep fast, while also providing high quality sleep, so you wake up refreshed

4 CBD Vape Sampler Pack
4 CBD Vape Sampler Pack

Try one of each of our vape cartridges, Calm, Sleep, Elevate, Relief. Featuring CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and more. The only 80%+ gently extracted, non diluted, cannabis terpene CBD vapes on the market.

NAD+ Nasal Spray
NAD+ Nasal Spray

NAD+ Nasal spray features nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This compound is critical for longevity and metabolic function. It is often used for maximizing health-span


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 Paul Trowe Local Guide·221 reviews·302 photos 2 years ago I have been testing cbd tinctures since August for my new company and I've personally tested over 75 tinctures, none of which I have felt any effect from. I met the CEO of this company, Alex, at a trade show and he guaranteed I'd feel his tinctures because of his special formulation. Definitely a bold claim in my opinion because of my experience with tinctures. I'm extremely happy to say I felt the effect from two of the three tinctures he sent over: Life Blood (my favorite), and Calm. They're not cheap but definitely worth every single penny. The Life Blood tincture gives you just the right "high" to put a smile on your face. Not too high so you can't function but enough to make you go "wow, this day isn't so bad after all!". As a self proclaimed industry expert on tincture testing since 08/2019 this is the only company I recommend to buy tinctures from.