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* Smoking Items (18+ only) * : Wood Pipes :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
10-386 Long Briar Style Wood Pipe
Long Briar Style Wood Pipe, about 8.5" long, packed in nice gift box. Unit Price:$6.50
6.50 each
20501 Tobacco Pipe
Durable Mini Small Brown Shiny Wooden Pipe for Tobacco Smoking, it is detachable into two pieces for easy cleaning, Very old style, vintage type pipe. Unit Price: $1.95/Each.
7.80 Set of 4
45601 Tobacco Pipe
Durable Tobacco Pipe,approx 5" long. Unit Price: $2.25/Each.
9.00 Set of 4
45602 Tobacco pipe Out of Stock
This is a nice tobacco smoking pipe that detaches into 2 pieces for easy cleaning. This is an old-vintage style pipe. There are small holes in bowl head which allows for even smoke distribution with no need for a screen. Pack in a box, but not including the holding pad. Unit Price: $2.50/Each.
10.00 Set of 4
45606 Durable Tobacco Pipe
Durable tobacco pipe, about 4" long, two parts, unite price $2/ea
8.00 set of 4
45618 Tobacco Pipe
Tobacco Pipe. Pipe Stand Not Included. $1.75ea.
7.00 Set of 4
45621 Tobacco Pipe
Tobacco Pipe
7.50 set of 2
PIPE-L84 Figurine wooden pipe(on sale)
Tobacco pipe, about 9" long, made of polyester and wood, come with individual box.
6.50 each
PIPE-L94 Figurine wooden pipe
Tobacco pipe, about 16" long, made of polyester and wood, come with individual box. Unit price $13.95
13.95 each
Wood-mix Wood pipe (on sale)
Wood pipe , mix style mix color, about 3" - 3.5", hand made craft, nice collection item.
2.00 ea
WWP-1 4.5" Wooden Water Bottle Pipe
4.5" wooden water bottle pipe. Unit price $7.80/set of 4($1.95/ea)
7.80 set of 4

11 items found: Page [ 1 ]