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      Item # Description Price Unit
    33020 Chi You Mechanical Mod Clone
    Chi You Mechanical Mod Clone
    9.95 EA
    33024 Caravela MOD Clone Out of Stock
    Caravela MOD Clone with 23.5mm diameter, nice shiny gold or silver color, made of heavy brass. Unit price: 23.50/ea, now is $15.00/Each.
    15.00 Each
    BT115 Ooze Cruze Extract Vaporizer Battery
    Ooze Cruze Extract Vaporizer Battery. It?s sleek and stylish exterior fits in your pocket better than any other vape pen you can get your hands on, and makes the perfect discreet travel companion.
    14.95 EA
    MD0003* LavaFire Extension Mod
    LavaFire extension mod with high quality mechanical parts and CNC machined. 510 threading. Durable and safety design. Housing various batteries including 18650,18350,16340, etc. Two materials available: chrome and stainless steel. Unit price: $5.00/ea.
    5.00 Each
    MD0016** Bagua Style Mechanical Mod Clone (Clearance)
    Unit Price: $6.99/Each.
    6.99 Each
    MD0017** Hornet Mechanical Mod Clone (Clearance)
    Special Price: $9.99/Each.
    9.95 Each
    MD0018 E-Pipe 18350 Mechanical Mod
    A unique, fun and stylish aesthetic-The E-Pipe 18350 mod. Unit Price: $12.50/Each.
    9.95 Each
    MD0020** Box Mod With DNA 30 Chip - N.D.
    Box Mod With DNA 30 Chip
    9.95 Each
    MD0021 Panzer Style Mechanical Mod
    Made from stainless steel, the Panzer clone mechanical mod is a 1:1 modular tube system, a very sharp and heavy piece. Unit price $27.00/ea.
    9.00 ea
    MD0024** Oni Style Telescopic Mod Clone--Special
    High performance Oni style telescopic mod is now available. Now only $18.00/ea(original price $27.75/ea).
    9.95 ea
    MD0028** Scorpion Mechanical Mod
    Get ready to meet the Scorpion!The Scorpion is constructed of brushed stainless steel, and boasts great styling and detailing from the patterned top cap and crisp etchings, right down to the great looking switch. Unit price $19.50/ea.
    9.95 ea
    MD0029 Clone Orochi Mod by Raivapes
    An extremely sexy mod with simple lines and aesthetics,3 TUBES!. unit price: $19.50/ea,was $29.5/ea.
    9.95 Each
    MD0030 Nemesis Style Mechanical Mod
    Nemesis Style Mechanical Mod
    9.00 Each
    MD0031** Turtle Ship V2 Mod - Black
    The Turtle Ship V2 features laser engraved logo/patterns, adjustable 510 center pin, bottom spring loaded firing switch, reverse threaded locking ring, and brass contacts. Unit price: $16.95/ea
    9.95 Each
    MD0032 Black King Style Mod
    The King is a ledgend. With silver plated contacts and adjustable top connection this is the perfect choice for any vaper who needs flexibility and performance. With it's three body sections you can use the King with almost every battery configuration. Unit price $19.95/ea
    0.90 ea
    MD0033** Hcigar Chi You 4 Seasons Mod
    Special price $12.95/ea.
    9.95 ea
    MD0034** Origin Style Brass Mod
    Sleek elegant brass Origin Mod. Unit Price $15.00/Each.
    9.95 Each
    MD0038 Chi You Mechanical Mod
    Chi You Mechanical Mod
    9.95 Each
    MD0044** Hades 26650 Mechanical Mod Clone (COPPER)
    The Hades has been replicated in in 100% copper. It houses a massive 26650 battery to deliver plenty of power to your build, has a reverse locking bottom firing switch, copper contacts, and detailing reminiscent of the original. Unit price $23.50/Each.
    9.95 ea
    MD0045** Panzer Style Mechanical Mod - Copper
    Made from copper, the Panzer clone mechanical mod is a 1:1 modular tube system, a very sharp and heavy piece. Unit price $19.95/ea.
    9.95 ea
    MD0049 Pegasus Mod Clone
    Pegasus Mod Clone
    9.95 Each
    MD0050 Heimdall Mod Clone Full Set
    Heimdall Mod Clone Full Set
    9.50 ea
    MD0051** Sparta 26650 Mod Clone
    Sparta, as named, is one of most powerful and sturdy MODs in the market of 2014. Two options available: Silver and Black. Unit price $25.00/ea.
    9.95 ea
    MD105** Kinpin Style Mechanical Mod
    Unit Price: $19.95/Each.
    9.95 Each
    MD106** Tobeco Onyx 18650 Mechanical Mod Clone
    3 Colors Available. Unit Price: $19.95/ea, used to be $27.95/Each (Copper), $29.95/Each (White|Black).
    9.95 Each

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